Wednesday, April 23, 2014

VS550 Vgate Scan Tool OBD/EOBD Auto Scanner

The VS550 vgate scan tool is a kind of OBD/EOBD Auto Scanner.You can use the tool easily and it is highly reliable and accurate,it can communicate with the on-board computer safely.Besides,the scanner owns a large crystal-clear back-lit screen,the code definitions will display on the unit screen.

The VS550 vgate scan tool can support a wider vehicle coverage with the CAN protocol support and all other current OBD-II protocols; it is always used to check out which problem should be fixed first and confirm the repairment after you repair it,also it can help you to identify the problems with a used vehicle before you buy it or sell it,keep the engine performance in good condition with regular inspections and prevent future costly repairs.The scanner can turn off check engine light, erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes and reset OBD2 monitor status,it can determine the malfunction indicator lamp status.The scanner is very efficient and it still has more features for less-Reviews the emission readiness status of OBD monitors, retrieves VIN on 2002 and newer vehicles, and more.

The VS550 vgate scan tool has a built-in OBDII DTC lookup library. Like many other car code readers,it can read & clear generic OBD II trouble codes which include the pending codes,read the live PCM data stream.And it can display Generic Codes P0, P2, P3, U0, Manufacturer Specific Codes P1, P3, and U1,the OBD2 monitor, I/M readiness status and the live O2 sensor test data,it can detect the OBD-II Freeze Frame Information.Also,the scanner can do the Modules Present test and retrieve vehicle information which includes VIN, CID and CVN.

Monday, April 21, 2014

U680 CarData Recorder

The U680 CarData recorder is always used to collect the engine data when it runs on the road,the data include engine ignition time, fuel adjust, rotate speed of the engine,and to read out the trouble codes.After the data has been responded from the clients' terminal,the recorder can record the change of the data that flow in scheme and picture 24-hourly.Users can import the data via internet,turn remote diagnosis into reality to gain the help from auto experts.And this U680 CarData recorder can support the vehicles with OBDII, EOBD and CAN protocol.

Next what I wanna share with you is about the installment.
First,run the "Cardata_Recorder.exe" directly and see "softinstall1.bmp", then choose the install route(you can see softinstall2.bmp).
Second,after you done this,please create a new folder and name it "Car data _Recorder"in the disk which you have just chosen(you can see softinstall0.bmp).
Third,after you installed the software successfully,you need to use the USB to connect Cardata_Recorder with the PC, you will be advised to do the following steps:
1. Find new hardware;
2. Install the driver (see driverinstall1.bmp, driverinstall2.bmp, driverinstall3.bmp,);
3. The driver has finished being installed and can run now.
The Cardata_Recorder software and driver have been installed now. And then the Cardata_Recorder client terminal software can work in Windows 2000, NT, ME, XP.
If the Cardata_Recorder client terminal software can not work, you should check and see if the Car Data Recorder does not match with some unidentified USB drivers (such as Printer).If it is, you can download the unidentified USB driver in advance.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Troubleshooting Of The Launch CNC-602A Injector Cleaner Tester

When you use the Launch CNC-602A Injector Cleaner Tester,you may meet some troubles and here we will share some conditions and tell you how to solve them.
1.When it is switched on,the unit doesn't correspond.
When you meet this trouble,you need to check the fuse at lower right side of the unit to see if it is damaged or broken,then replace it.
2.If there is leakage in the fuel distributor coupler,you need to check the o-rings and if it is damaged or unfitted,you should replace it.Please remember,do not tighten the two riffle screws too tightly or it may cause leakage.
3.If the fuel pressure drops slowly,then the fuel pressure can't drop to zero within 1~2 minutes,you can turn the overflow valve slightly with the inner hexagonal spanner counterclockwise.

4.When there is no fuel pressure,the buzzer still rings continually.
In general condition,because of its "fuel-lack warning" function,the buzzer will ring when the liquid in the fuel tank is lack,and then it will switch off the fuel pump and injectors and returns to the stop state automatically,and you just need to supply the cleanser or test liquid to stop the ring.But when there is no fuel pressure,the buzzer still rings,you need to press the "RUN" key to rerun the fuel pump and injectors.
5.The malfunction code displays E001.
The malfunction code of E001 is displayed only when the level inside fuel tank is lower than that of the required level and the buzzer will ring to remind user to full the fuel.Once the condition appears during the running process,the Launch CNC-602A Injector Cleaner Tester will stop the fuel pump after 10 seconds and you should make "RUN" indicator on the flashing state.If there is too much liquid,you should press the "Drain" key to drain the liquid into the fuel tank to resume the liquid level;If the liquid is not enough,you should supply the liquid and after the liquid is up to the required specification,the buzzer will stop ringing.And if you press the "RUN" key,the Launch CNC-602A Injector Cleaner Tester would continue to run the interrupted work.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

How To Configure Your MDI For Wireless Communication

Before you modify the GM MDI communications interface,you need to contact your local IT Administrator to know if your wireless LAN automatically assign IP addresses,if not,you need to obtain an IP Address and Subnet Mask from your local IT Administrator to assign to your MDI.It requires that the network authentication is WPA which presents "Personal,Open or Shared" and the data encryption should be TKIP or WEP(64-bit or 128-bit) and also the wireless security password is needed.
Click the "MDI_Manager" icon to start the MDI Manager,plug the USB cable into the PC and MDI,and power on the MDI by plugging in the AC 12-volt adapter,then select and connect to your MDI in the MDI Manager software MDI Explore tab,click the "Network Setup" and then the "Wirelss".

Choose the Enable Wireless Interface check box in the Interface Control box to enable the interface.Once you enable the interface,the IP Address Configuration box and the buttons of "Apply" and "Cancel" will be activated.Then If your LAN can assign IP addresses automatically,then select Obtain an IP address automatically.If not,you need to enter the assigned IP Address Static IP and Subnet Mask.After that,select "Access Point" to begin the wireless access point configuration.If the MDI is out of range or the access point you will use,select the "Enter Network Name[ssid]":radio button and type the network name.If the MDI is within the range of your wireless access point and broadcasting choose the "Select from available network list"radio button and then click "Refresh" to make the MDI search for wireless network signals,In the box of "Network Name",there will show the detected networks.Click the "Configure" after you selected the network.Enter the "Security Settings",click "Next" and click "Yes" to reconfigure your MDI.
When there shows "Do not unplug the MDI from the PC or remove power from the MDI during the update process",just click "OK" and do as what it says,or the Network Setting may not be applied to the MDI.During the update process,there will show you the "MDI Configuration in Process" and when the process is finished,there will show you "MDI interface changes complete" .
Last,select the "Properties" to confirm that the MDI is configured correctly.You can record or print your settings on the "Properties".

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Battery Test Of The BST-760 Battery System Tester

After you set up the battery location,the battery charge state and the battery type,the BST-760 Battery System Tester will test every battery according to the selected system and rating.You can use the "UP/DOWN" button to select according to the actual system standard and rating marked on the battery,then input the correct test standard and rating and press "OK",the tool will begin to test and there will show a screen and about 3 seconds later,there will display the battery test result.
About the battery test result,it can be classified into five types,they are: "Good Battery","Good,Recharge","Replace","Bad Cell" and "Charge,Retest".

If the battery test result is "Good Battery",then it means the battery is on good condition,you can feel free to use it.Besides,I wanna share with you that the "SOH" means "state of health";the "SOC" means "state of charge".
If there shows you that the result is "Good,Recharge",then you should know that it means the battery is good but with low power,before you use it,you should remember to recharge it.
Then the result of "Replace" means that the battery is near to or already reached the end of its service life,you should replace it immediately,or there may meet potential hazard.
The fourth result is the "Bad Cell,Replace" which means that the battery has the condition of internal damage,broken cell or short circuit.,you should replace the battery.
When you see the battery test result is "Charge,Retest",you can know that the unstable battery should be recharged and retested to avoid error;After you recharge and retest the battery,if there still shows the same result, the battery is damaged,you need to replace it.
Last,if the battery test was done in the "OUT-OF-VEHICLE" mode,you just need to press "OK" to print the test result;If it was done in the "IN-VEHICLE" mode,press "OK" to enter the Cranking Test,then follow the instructions on the screen to start the engine and the BST-760 Battery System Tester will do the cranking test and show the result automatically.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Great Rewards For The Support Of New and Old Customers

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Our website is a professional Auto diagnostic tools online supplier,providing a vast range of high-quality and affordable automobile maintenance tools.
Our main business line covers Automotive Professional Diagnostic Tools for OBD I and OBD II compliant vehicles; Auto Diagnostic tool,OBD2 Code Scanners,ECU Chip Tuning Tool,Car Key programmer Mileage Programmer as well as other more featured products. In our shop you could get universal and economical tools and free technical support for your car.
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Thanks for the support of all of you,apart from appreciation,we'll provide you the great tools,warm service and low price as always.The great discount during Apr 14th. to 20th is the first wave of our rewards for you!

The Function--"Read Codes" of The Autel Maxiservice VAG505

If you are going to use the Autel Maxiservice VAG505 to do the function of reading codes,then it can be done with the key on engine off ,also with the key on engine running is ok.Before we talk about how to use the tool to read codes,let's see the different codes first.

The stored codes,which are also been called "hard codes",are fault codes or trouble codes,because the faults have reoccurred for more than a specified amount of key-cyclethey,they are stored in the vehicle 's computer memory.When emission-related fault occurs,these stored codes would cause the control module to illuminate the malfunction indicator light.
Then the pending codes,which are also been called "maturing codes" or "continuous monitor codes",can indicate the problems that the control module has detected during the current or last driving cycle.Dislike the stored codes,the pending codes won't turn on the malfunction indicator lamp.Within a certain number of warm-up cycles,if there doesn't occur the fault,the pending codes will be cleared from memory.
And the permanent codes are the DTCs that are retained in the non-volatile memory of the computer after the appropriate monitor for each DTC has determined that the malfunction is not present and won't cause the malfunction indicator lamp on. The permanent DTC will be in non-volatile memory and won't be erased by any diagnostic services or by disconnecting power to ECU.
Next,we can see how to operate the Autel Maxiservice VAG505.
Select the "Read Codes" from the "Diagnostic Menu" by using the "UP/DOWN" scroll button.Then you can select "Stored Codes","Pending Codes" or "Permanent Codes" in the menu of "Read Codes".If there has no diagnostic trouble code,the display will show "No (pending) codes are stored in the module";If there has more than one DTC be found,you can check all the codes one by one;If retrieved DTCs contain any manufacturer specific or enhanced codes,there will appear "Manufacturer specific codes are found!Press any key to select vehicle make!",you can select the vehicle manufacturer to view DTC definitions.