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The Best Looking M4 so far Has a Hot Model Next to it

We’ve see our fair share of BMW M4 cars so far, even though only a few months ago the car was being delivered for the first time. Now, after looking over thousands of pictures of it, we’re starting to get a grasp of what works on it and what doesn’t.
A couple of things are for sure: the M4 begs for a lower stance and some 5-spoke wheels as well as the M Performance splitters for the front bumper. That’s exactly what this Alpine White one offers and we have to say it’s one of the best we’ve ever seen.
Be it because of the hot model posing next to it or due to the way the car actually looks on its own but something draws us to it in an unexpected way.

The biggest change came from the aftermarket wheels made by the guys from Z-Performance Wheels. They’re the ZP.SIX model in Phantom Black measuring 20 inches in this particular configuration. The price for such a complete set goes up to €1,728 which is more than reasonable. However, if you want your car to look exactly like this you might also need some lowering springs as we’re guessing this M4’s stance was meddled with.
As for the model, you’ll have to sort that out for yourselves. All we know is the video seems to be shot in Bucharest so she might as well be Romanian.
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EFI car's ills,carbon and Prevention

Coke and Prevention
Speaking EFI car, maybe a layman can say car one or two its advantages, such as energy conservation, environmental protection and so on. But with the popularity of EFI car in the world, some of its unique fault has cropped up, the most typical is the coking phenomenon.
Carbon can be divided valves, combustion chamber and the intake manifold .
Valves, combustion chambers organic carbon
Decided by EFI engine control characteristics, when each work are the first cylinder fuel injection re-ignition, when we turn off the engine immediately the moment the ignition is turned off, but this cycle gasoline ejected work can not be recovered, can only be attached to the valve and combustion chamber walls, gasoline likely to be volatile, but gasoline wax and varnish, but stayed long run gasoline wax and varnish piled thick, hardened after repeated heating on the formation of coke. If the engine is burning oil poor, or raise the quality of gasoline impurities, then the valve is even more serious and the formation of coke and faster. Because carbon sponge-like structure, when the valve after the formation of carbon injected into each cylinder of fuel will have a part to be adsorbed, making real mixture into the cylinder gas concentration thinning, resulting in poor engine work, there difficulty in starting, idling is not steady, poor acceleration, emergency refueling temper, excessive exhaust, fuel consumption increases and other anomalies. If the valve can cause serious Mifengbuyan make a cylinder cylinder pressure while completely failing does not work, even blocking the valve so that does not return. At this valve and piston movement will produce interference, and ultimately damage the engine.
Carbon intake pipe machine
Since the entire work of the various piston engines are not synchronized, when the engine is turned off, some of the cylinder intake valve is not fully closed, some of the continuous evaporation of unburned fuel oxidation, especially in the intake pipe to produce some of the more rear throttle Soft black carbon. On the one hand these carbon intake pipe wall will become rough, intake swirl generated in these rough places, affecting the air quality effects and mixed into the gas. On the other hand, these machines will be blocked carbon idle channel is idle speed control device catching or exceeds its adjustment range, so that will cause low idle, idle trembling, speed various ancillary devices are failure to close the oil off the car, exhaust exceeded, charges oil phenomenon
If you encounter while driving full speed, no-load refueling tempering anxious, cold start problems phenomenon, then your car's valve is likely to have a coke. If you find low idle and idle the car shaking, when depressing the accelerator card, no idling after changing the battery, then your car's intake manifold has coke very serious. With the above phenomenon should go to a professional repair shop check the car up.
In the automotive repair diagnostics for carbon intake is very simple, as long as the throttle removed can clearly see the extent of the coke. But for the diagnosis of valve coke has always been a problem, in general, in the professional repair shop, there are three diagnostic methods.
Disintegration of the Act
That is the engine apart, check for coke production. This is very intuitive, but time-consuming, and no matter what part each time there will be more or less disassembly affect its performance, shorten its life.
   Remove the spark plug or injector, using an endoscope to observe the extent of the valve coke. This method is very convenient, but the cost of the endoscope is no trivial matter, and its usefulness in the maintenance is not very wide, so not all of the maintenance companies are equipped with the device.
Feedback voltage changes observed
Using diagnostic computer to read phenylephrine sensor feedback voltage changes, thus indirectly detect the presence of carbon deposition. Generally the normal oxygen sensor feedback voltage is between 0.3 ~ 0.7V fluctuations, and should have alternated eight times and how great the little finger within 10 seconds. Once the valve produces carbon, oxygen sensor feedback voltage fluctuation becomes large, such as increased from 0.3 ~ 0.7V into 0.1 ~ 0.9V. And the center voltage value becomes larger, while the change in frequency will slow down. Oxygen sensor diagnostic computer to read the feedback voltage variation method saves time and effort, but if the car itself, control system failure, it is not very accurate as a basis to judge, but also misleading no idea troubleshooting experience personnel. Then there is this method only for closed-loop EFI car use, should only closed-loop control system was equipped with oxygen sensors.
In the automotive repair for the diagnosis of coke has always been a problem, and if so the owners themselves to tell whether there is even more difficult to produce coke, instead of a problem and then repair is better to take preventive measures, by means of routine maintenance to keep performance of the vehicle in normal use. Here are a few to reduce and prevent carbon deposition method
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Vgate ICAR 2 automobile Diagnostic Tool Supports Android IOS PC

Vgate ICAR 2 automobile Diagnostic Tool is China obd2 repair Automotive Diagnostic Tools. a way to use the Vgate iCar 2 OBD2 Scanner? Is there any reviews on the Vgate iCar 2 OBD2 Scanner?
vgate icar
On Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it connects to any laptop, pill or smartphone, with associated diagnostic procedures .It is atiny low adapter that obstructed into the vehicle OBD-connector.
VGATE LAN OBD Multiscan is best than ELM327. It absolutely compatible with ELM327. All ELM327 supported code square measure offered to use. quicker than ELM327 fourfold or higher. (ELM327 is computer architecture 8bit 44MHz MCU, Vgate iCar is ARM 16bit MCU). Low standby power consumption sleep mode, lower power consumption than ELM327. It supports J1939 protocol over ELM327. mistreatment Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g and encrypted for higher security.
NOTE: attributable to the humanoid diagnostic code becomes heavier to run, recommend to use on sensible phone with C.P.U. 800Mhz or higher, 1GHz counseled.
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BMW Fault Codes BMW Diagnostic Code P1421 P1423 P-1188, P1189, P0170, P-0173, M52TU, M54

This answer is applicable for several BMWs additionally to the one listed below.
BMW INPA diagnostic tool
BMW icom a2+b+c
car year: 1997
car model: 328is
My BMW has failing emission check and that i have two codes. are you able to tell ME what those codes mean and also the half to repair it? P1423 and P1421.
These 2 codes area unit for the Secondary Air System, bank-1 and bank-2. Bank one is cylinders one through three and bank-2 is cylinders four through vi. These codes area unit indicating that the secondary air system isn't functioning properly.
The secondary air system pumps contemporary air into the exhaust ports throughout cold engine start-up. This provides contemporary chemical element to help within the complete burning of the combustion mixture throughout the cold start-up amount, once the mixture is richer and isn't burning expeditiously.
Commonly, the check valve at the manifold can fail (stick open) and this can permit exhaust gasses to enter the pump once it's not running. this can destroy the pump. the standard repair involves substitution the pump and also the check valve (and the seal for the check valve). Of course, there area unit alternative areas inside the secondary air system that might be guilty. For additional data and elaborate diagnostic steps, please see the Summer 2008 issue of our quick Times account (below).
I have a 1999 BMW 323i and also the scan code unbroken developing p1188/1189 and p0170 and p0173 . What area unit these codes and the way do I correct the the problem?
The P1188 and P1189 codes area unit for “fuel control” for each banks one and a pair of (cylinders 1-2 and 4-6, respectively). The P0170 Associate in Nursing P0173 area unit for “fuel trim”, again, for each banks one and a pair of.
With these codes, i might 1st search for vacuum leaks within the intake system. examine the rubber boots going from the MAF (Mass Air Flow sensor) to the throttle body, particularly the little leg that connects to the idle management valve, down by the throttle body. in addition, examine all vacuum and air handling hoses. Another common vacuum leak supply is that the housing ventilation. See the link below for extra data on the housing ventilation.
If you can't realize any obvious vacuum leaks, you'll have the system “smoke tested”. This injects a smoke into the intake and any leaks can permit the smoke to return out.


READ CODES ON ’92-95 VOLVO 850 VOLVO Vida Dice
We within the 850 family UN agency have 1996 and 1997 model years have it straightforward. Check Engine lightweight comes on? we have a tendency to simply connect our code readers and a witching system known as OBD-II tells US what code(s) ar inflicting the metallic element lightweight. Same with 1998 model year Volvos, like S70, V70 and XC70 models. Then at the moment, codes expanded from the OBD-II to incorporate Volvo-specific codes that OBD-II readers cannot retrieve, though several overlap in which means.
VOLVO Vida Dice Read Codes On A 1999+ Volvo?
Guess what? OBD-II scaners can read the OBD-II codes these cars set. The OBD-II port is physically an equivalent. I used my reader on my ex’s 2004 V70R — lower driver’s aspect interior, close to your left knee — and it properly rumored OBD-II codes. Here is that the specific 1999+ Volvo DTC code page for “the remainder of the story”.
How To scan Codes
To start, the key should be in position II, engine not running. Open the hood. find the 2 diagnostic sockets simply inboard of the washer fill cap. The “A” instrumentality (shown above) encompasses a jumper that's hold on within the lid of the “A” diagnostic instrumentality. The jumper is employed for each diagnostic connectors.
What Codes you'll Get
Listed below is that the data recoverable from the assorted connections.
A1 Transmission
B1 Climate management
A2 equipment
B2 controller
A5 TCU (Transmission Control)
B6 Power Seat
A6 ignition
A7 Combined Instrument
How To Use The Jumpers
Normally “Check Engine Light” data are going to be found in A2. place the jumper into A2 and push the black button for one second. Count the red crystal rectifier lightweight because it blinks back data, blink, blink, pause, blink, blink, blink, pause, blink, blink, is Associate in Nursing example of the response you'd receive. 2-3-2 would be the code retrieved, currently push the button once more for one second, once more count the blinks, keep checking for codes till one among them repeats, this suggests you have got scan all the codes.
Clearing Codes On Your 850 VOLVO Vida Dice
Now to clear the codes, push and hold the button for 6-7 seconds, unleash and as before long because the crystal rectifier comes on push and hold the button for one more 6-7 seconds. currently push the button for one second and browse the codes once more, you must get 1-1-1 (no faults).
You Must scan All Codes Before Clearing
Turn the ignition off so begin the automobile, the check engine lightweight ought to be out. it's perpetually an honest plan to ascertain for codes, clear them so drive the vehicle to examine if they come back before replacement elements. The transmission will raise the check engine lightweight to be turned on, therefore if strive|you are trying|you are attempting} clearing A2 codes and that they wont get away try reading the transmission (A1), clear them , so return to A2.
A1 — Transmission
111 No faults found
112 Solenoid S1 short circuit to battery voltage
113 Transmission control module (TCM) fault
114 Program selector open circuit or short circuit to supply
121 Solenoid S1 short circuit to ground or control module fault
122 Solenoid S1 open circuit
123 Solenoid STH short circuit to battery voltage
124 Mode selector faulty or short circuit to ground
131 Solenoid STH open/short circuit or control module fault
132 Transmission control module(TCM) fault
134 Faulty load signal from ignition control module
141 Oil temperature sensor short circuit to ground
142 Oil temperature sensor open circuit
143 Kickdown switch faulty or short to ground
211 Transmission control module (TCM) fault
212 S2 solenoid short circuit to battery
213 Throttle position (TPS) signal too high
221 S2 solenoid short circuit to ground or control module fault
222 S2 solenoid open circuit
223 Throttle position (TPS) sensor signal too low
231 Throttle position (TPS) sensor sporadic
232 Speedometer signal missing
233 Incorrect speedometer signal
235 High Oil temperature
245 Open or short in Torque limiting circuit
311 RPM signal from transmission missing
312 RPM signal from transmission faulty
313 Faulty signal from gear position sensor (PNP)
321 Shift time too long
322 Incorrect gear ratio
323 Lock up slips or is not engaged
331 Short circuit to battery in SL circuit
332 SL solenoid open or control module fault
333 SL solenoid short or control module fault
A2 — Fuel System
111 No faults detected
112 Fault in ECM
115 Injector 1
121 MAF sensor signal
123 ECT signal
125 Injector 2
131 RPM sensor signal missing
132 Battery voltage
135 Injector 3
143 Front knock sensor signal
145 Injector 4
153 Rear HO2S signal
154 EGR system leakage
155 Injector 5
212 Front HO2S signal
214 RPM sensor signal sporadic
223 IAC valve opening signal
225 A/C pressure sensor signal
231 Long term fuel trim, part load
232 Long term fuel trim, idling
233 Long term idle air trim
241 EGR system flow malfunction
245 IAC valve closing signal
311 VSS signal
314 CMP sensor signal
315 EVAP system
325 Memory failure
335 Request for MIL lighting from TCM
411 TP sensor signal
413 EGR temp sensor signal
414 Boost pressure regulation
416 Boost pressure reduction from TCM
432 Temperature warning level 1
433 Rear knock sensor signal
435 Front HO2S slow response
436 Rear HO2S compensation
443 Three way cat. Efficiency
444 Acceleration signal
451 Misfire cylinder 1
452 Misfire cylinder 2
453 Misfire cylinder 3
454 Misfire cylinder 4
455 Misfire cylinder 5
513 Temperature warning level 2
514 Engine cooling fan low speed signal
521 Front HO2S Preheating
522 Rear HO2S Preheating
531 Power stage group A
532 Power stage group B
533 Power stage group C
534 Power stage group D
535 TC control valve signal
541 EVAP valve signal
542 Misfire more than one cylinder
543 Misfire at least one cylinder
544 Misfire more than one cylinder, three way cat damage
545 Misfire at least one cylinder, three way cat damage
551 Misfire cylinder 1, three way cat damage
552 Misfire cylinder 2, three way cat damage
553 Misfire cylinder 3, three way cat damage
554 Misfire cylinder 4, three way cat damage
555 Misfire cylinder 5, three way cat damage
A3 — ABS
111 No DTC set
121 Left front wheel sensor, faulty signal 122 Right front wheel sensor, faulty signal 123 Left rear wheel sensor, faulty signal 124 Right rear wheel sensor, faulty signal 40 km/h
322 Right front wheel sensor, irregular >40 km/h
323 Left rear wheel sensor, irregular >40 km/h
324 Right rear wheel sensor, irregular >40 km/h
411 Left front wheel inlet valve, open/short
412 Left front wheel return valve, open/short
413 Right front wheel inlet valve, open/short
414 Right front wheel return valve, open/short
415 Rear valve open/short
421 Rear wheel inlet valve circuit, open/short
422 Rear wheel return valve circuit, open/short
423 Traction control system valve, open/short
424 Pressure switch for TRACS, faulty or short circuit
441 Control module faulty
442 Pump pressure low
443 Pump motor, electrical or mechanical fault
444 No power supply to valves in hydraulic unit
A6 — Ignition
111 No DTC set
112 Control Module fault
123 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (ECT) from Control module missing or faulty
131 Engine speed (RPM) sensor signal missing
142 Control Module Fault
143 Knock sensor (KS) missing or faulty
144 Ignition control module load signal missing
154 EGR system flow too high in system
214 Engine speed (RPM) sensor signal missing sporadically
224 Engine Coolant Temperature sensor (ECT) signal missing or faulty
234 Throttle Position (TPS) signal missing at idle
241 EGR system flow too low in system
243 Throttle Position sensor (TPS) signal missing at idle
311 Vehicle speed signal missing or faulty
314 Camshaft Position sensor (CMP) signal missing or faulty
324 Camshaft Position sensor (CMP) signal missing sporadically
411 Throttle position sensor (TPS) signal from fuel injection system missing or faulty
413 EGR temperature sensor signal faulty
432 Control module box temperature too high level 1
433 Knock sensor (KS) signal missing or faulty
513 Control module box temperature too high, level 2
A7 — Combined Instrument (Trip Computer)
112 Fuel gauge short circuit
113 Fuel gauge open circuit
121 Temp. sensor interval too short
122 Temp. sensor interval too long
123 Digital output 48 pulse short circuit to supply
131 Digital output 12 pulse short circuit to supply
132 No RPM sensor signal
133 Tank signal to trip computer short to supply
B1 — Electronic climate control
111 No fault
121 Outside temperature sensor shorted to ground
122 Outside temperature sensor open circuit or shorted to 12 volts
123 Driver’s side interior temperature sensor shorted to ground
124 Driver’s side interior temperature sensor open circuit or shorted to 12 volts
125 Passenger’s side interior temperature sensor shorted to ground(earth)
126 Passenger’s side interior temperature sensor open circuit or shorted to 12 volts
131 Driver’s side air duct temperature sensor shorted to ground(earth)
132 Driver’s side air duct temperature sensor open circuit or shorted to 12 volts
133 Passenger’s side air duct temperature sensor shorted to ground(earth)
134 Passenger’s side air duct temperature sensor open circuit or shorted to 12 volts
135 No signal from engine coolant temperature sensor
141 Faulty signal from driver’s side temperature selector switch
143 Faulty signal from passenger’s side temperature selector switch
145 Faulty signal from function selector switch
151 Signal from fan speed sensor missing or too high
152 Signal from fan speed sensor shorted to earth
211 Driver’s side damper motor position sensor open circuit or shorted to 12 volts
212 Driver’s side damper motor position sensor shorted to earth
221 Passenger’s side damper motor position sensor open circuit or shorted to 12 volts
222 Passenger’s side damper motor position sensor shorted to earth
231 Ventilation damper motor position sensor open circuit or shorted to 12 volts
232 Ventilation damper motor position sensor shorted to earth
233 Floor/defrost damper motor position sensor open circuit or shorted to 12 volts
234 Floor/defrost damper motor position sensor shorted to earth
235 Recirculation damper motor position sensor open circuit or shorted to 12 volts
236 Recirculation damper motor position sensor shorted to earth
311 Driver’s side damper motor shorted to earth or shorted to 12 volts
312 Passenger’s side damper motor shorted to earth or shorted to 12 volts
313 Ventilation damper motor shorted to earth or shorted to 12 volts
314 Floor/defrost damper motor shorted to earth or shorted to 12 volts
315 Recirculation damper motor shorted to earth or shorted to 12 volts
321 Driver’s side damper motor active too long
322 Passenger’s side damper motor active too long
323 Ventilation damper motor active too long
324 Floor/defrost damper motor active too long
325 Recirculation damper motor active too long
411 Blower fan seized or drawing excessive current
412 Driver’s side interior temperature sensor inlet fan shorted to earth
413 No control voltage at driver’s side interior temperature sensor inlet fan
414 Driver’s side interior temperature sensor inlet fan seized
415 Passenger’s side interior temperature sensor inlet fan shorted to earth
416 No control voltage at passenger’s side interior temperature sensor inlet fan
417 Passenger’s side interior temperature inlet fan seized
418 No control signal to blower fan power stage
419 Faulty diagnostic signal from blower fan power stage
420 ECU fault in program memory
511 Damper motor limit position self-adjustment not carried out
B2 — Cruise Control
111 No faults detected
112 Abnormal speed signal
122 Speed has not exceeded 22mph or no speed signal
211 Control module malfunction
212 Malfunction in the circuit to the vacuum pump or regulator
B5 — SRS
111 No fault detected
112 Sensor module fault
127 SRS lamp open/short circuit
211 Drivers airbag short circuit
212 Drivers airbag open circuit
213 Drivers airbag short circuit to ground
214 Drivers airbag short circuit to supply
221 Passenger airbag short circuit
222 Passenger airbag open circuit
223 Passenger airbag short circuit to ground
224 Passenger airbag short circuit to supply
231 Left belt tensioner short circuit
232 Left belt tensioner open circuit
233 Left belt tensioner short circuit to ground
234 Left belt tensioner short circuit to supply
241 Right belt tensioner short circuit
242 Right belt tensioner open circuit
243 Right belt tensioner short circuit to ground
244 Right belt tensioner short circuit to supply
VOLVO Vida Dice Diagnostic Tool 2014A Version
One of the best tools that you can buy is the VOLVO Vida Dice Diagnostic Tool 2014A Version, Item Description:
1.DICE - Diagnostic Communication Equipment, is a tool that is used together with VIDA all-in-one to communicate with the vehicle. Communication makes diagnosing and troubleshooting the vehicle possible, as well as downloading software.
2.DICE has an integrated CARB cable, which is connected to the vehicle's diagnostic socket. When connecting to the vehicle, DiCE is powered as long as the battery is charged.
3.DICE has a folding hook that is designed for hanging the unit from one of the grab handles in the vehicle for example.
4.DICE is equipped with four status LEDs that indicate the status of the software, the USB and Bluetooth communication and the interface to the car.
5.At one end of the unit, there is a DC input where a battery cable or adaptor(12V) can be connected. The adaptor is used when upgrading and troubleshooting the DICE.
6.In the other end of the unit, there is a removable cover that could be removed by turning the screw on the cover.
1.Administration - General information, design and function
2.Standard components, service materials and consumables. General information (among other things, control modules, SRS, general safety) as well as 3.service and maintenance
4.Engine with mounting and equipment
5.Electrical system
6.Power transmission
8.Suspension and steering
9.Springs, shock absorbers and wheels
10.Body and interior - among other things, diagnostics, design and function, repair and spare part information
11.Other - special vehicles, e.g., ambulances, police cars. Components that deviate from standard.
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Autoboss V30 elite Diagnostic Computer main unit maintenance

Avoid shaking or dismantling as it may damage the internal components;Do not use hard or sharp objects to touch the LCD screen; do not use excessive force; do not expose the screen to strong sunlight for a long period;Caution: keep it away from water, moisture, high temperature or very low temperature; If necessary, calibrate the screen before testing to ensure the accuracy of LCD performance;Keep the main unit away from strong magnetic fields. For safe operation please follow the instructions below; Keep the scanner away from heat or fumes when using it;If the vehicle battery contains acid, please keep your hands and skin or fire sources away from the battery during testing; Exhaust gas of vehicle contains harmful chemicals, please ensure adequate ventilation; Do not touch the cooling system components or exhaust manifolds when engine is running due to the high temperatures reached;Make sure the car is securely parked and the selector is at P or N position to prevent the vehicle from moving when engine starts; Make sure the (DLC) diagnostic link connector is functioning properly before starting the test; otherwise the scanner may be damaged. AUTOBOSS suggests you test the Power/Earth with Multimeter first; Do not switch off the power or unplug the connectors during testing, otherwise you may damage the ECU or scanner.

Autoboss V30 Elite Super Scanner Function:

Quick test function to diagnose the complete vehicle
Cover more than 57 makes, 40,000 vehicle systems
More than just reading & clearing fault codes - goes far beyond and accesses the complete vehicle, including: drive line, chassis, body, and the networking /communication modules
Live data and graphing, performs actuations and adaptations
Electronic parking brake, Service light reset and much more
Cutting edge operation system: Windows CE
European & Asian vehicles with dealer-level power
Read & change ECU coding
Coding of the new control modules
Internet update function
Testing report saving function
Built-in Mini Printer
All necessary cables and adapters included
One universal connector for most vehicles, including all CAN vehicles
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Paint maintenance, choose waxing, sealing glaze or coating it?

We chatted about the car's paint care, waxing, sealing glaze, coating, etc. These now common paint can tell some beauty items. But exactly what is the difference between them? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Many owners in the selection must also be confused. I will introduce today.
    distinction between product composition and role of
    Waxing: A beauty means earlier onset, the main ingredients derived from petroleum wax, hand feels is not smooth and even feel some tingling, and stick in your hand there will be some oily feeling. Waxing can remove dirt paint surface, and increase the brightness.
    Sealing glaze: The main components of the glaze, also from the oil through a dedicated machine pressed into the glaze inside the paint, thereby forming a protective layer similar to the mesh, similar to the porcelain glaze layer and not understood by many people on. This play a protective layer to some extent isolated from ultraviolet light, isolated air oxidation, as well as reducing acid rain damage to the paint function.
    Coating: The main component of the membrane is a glass fiber material is known, specialized scientific name is called the all-silicon, nitrogen and hydrogen chloride, the operation when it is in liquid form, and can be cured to form a transparent protective layer on the paint surface , isolated from the outside world for the finish of the material damage, while protecting layer itself has a certain hardness, so the effect is more remarkable for the protection of some paint.
    difference on operating procedures
    Waxing process is relatively simple, clean paint can be operated. The more similar the glaze and seal coating process, if it is ahead of the need for polishing old vehicles (car without polishing), is relatively complex.
    Here it must be said that under Polish:
    Polishing with a polishing agent is abrasive particles with the help of polishing machine under friction with paint, remove the paint play dirt, polished smooth finish, polished surface refinement cross effect. Of course, the disadvantages are also obvious polishing is thinning the paint, a normal paint polish up about 6-10 times.
    Do keep in mind: car carrying sealed glaze or coating when not polished, good new transparent layer of paint is polished wasted in vain thickness. However, some older models due to the aging of the paint, polishing is necessary link.
    Waxing: First clean the body, and then the wax is applied to the rule of the paint, can be applied in the process of grinding away the remaining dirt particles of paint itself, the wax and then wiping with a dry cloth, the entire operation is completed.
    Closure glaze: sealing glaze and coating needs to be ahead of the car wash and polish (car without this step), polishing cream glaze after the completion of the machine via a dedicated internal hard pressed into the paint, repeatedly, making the glaze full access to the paint.
    Coating: the same as the sealed glaze, first, washing polishing, and then be subjected to degreasing treatment, the degreasing is called a polishing agent used in the polishing part of the paint remaining in the oily component was completely removed to ensure a good adsorption to the coating paint . After the completion of this part of the film evenly applied to a liquid paint surface, followed by high temperature dried, it will form a layer of transparent after drying and hard protective film.
    about the efficacy of maintaining time
    Waxing to maintain the shortest time, usually around a week or two, if you catch it rains or snows car wash, probably experience a becomes ineffective. Sealing and coating of glaze effects to maintain a little longer, sealing glaze can keep about six months, a good coating products can maintain 2-3 years.
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