Friday, May 31, 2013

2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Keeps Hope Alive for Car Enthusiasts

2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Keeps Hope Alive for Car Enthusiasts

Less than a month after rumors started circulating that Aston Martin would kill its V12 Vantage sports car, the British automaker has stunned us with a new version that is even more powerful than before.
As the name implies, the 2015 V12 Vantage S has a high-revving V12 engine, just as its predecessor did. Only this time, it is a new one with lots more power. The engine gains 55 horsepower and 37 foot-pounds of torque for a total output of 565 hp and 457 lb-ft.

Aston Martin Shows New Design Direction With CC100 Speedster Concept
Matthew de Paula

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With such a monstrous engine crammed into a small, two-seater body, the V12 Vantage S is perhaps the company’s most extreme production car. Aston Martin says it will be its fastest road car ever, excluding the ultra-rare, million-dollar One-77. Top speed is 205 miles per hour. No word yet on acceleration times.
Aston Martin’s latest concoction proves that concerns over the demise of sports cars—even ones with old-school, fuel-chugging engines—could be premature. Like fellow British luxury automaker Bentley, Aston Martin remains one of the last bastions of unbridled automotive excess, though it did just announce a hydrogen-powered prototype Rapide S, which you can read about here.
The small company is, however, making incremental improvements with each new car to not only boost performance, but also efficiency. For example, the new V12 Vantage S will drop up to 50 pounds compared to the car it replaces, an Aston Martin spokesman said.
The weight savings come from lighter components like a more compact exhaust system derived from the One-77, and a new seven-speed paddle-shift transmission.
That gearbox brings some controversy, though—at least for auto enthusiasts. It will be the only transmission offered, which means the V12 Vantage S joins the new Porsche 911 GT3 among the growing ranks of sports cars no longer offering a traditional stick-shift. The purists are no doubt in mourning.
On the upside, the new transmission enables quicker gear shifts and creates a closer link between the V12 Vantage S and Aston Martin GT3, GT4 and GTE race cars, which use similar technology.
A new suspension system with three settings—normal, sport and track—debuts on the 2015 V12 Vantage S. The settings not only firm up the ride, but also sharpen the steering, throttle and transmission response, as well as amplify the sonorous exhaust sound.
Looks-wise, the 2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S doesn’t change much. It gets a new carbon-fiber front grille inspired by the one on the recently unveiled CC100 Speedster Concept, which you can read about here. Special wheels and a black roof are among other minor trim changes. The interior gets new seats and subtle updates, such as revised stitching in the high-grade leather.
Aston Martin is already taking pre-orders for the 2015 V12 Vantage S. Deliveries begin in January. Official pricing is to be determined, but it should come in just under $200,000, the spokesman said.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Digimaster 3 software installation

This section will show you how to install software of DigiMasterIII as well as how to connect it with your PC.
1.Installing D3 Tool
Setp 1: Double-click the installation files in the CD.

Step 2: Choose the route of Installation
Step 3: Open the software interface as below after installation

2.Connect the D3 with PC and internet
Step 1: Connect the D3 USB with PC. Click "Cancel" after the window bombed as below

Step 2: Click "OK" to close the bombed warning dialog.

Step 3: The below window will appear after successful connecting with device
Step 4; Just reconnect the USB cable if the USB connecting is cut showed as below window
Insert the connector of LAN cable into RJ45 LAN connector of D3 to make online update.

In our shop you could get universal and economical obdii tools and free technical support for your car. Our promise is high-quality, high-efficiency, credibility and the principle of reciprocity, which aims to establish a long-term economic trade relation with the vast number of clients.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Product Revo Ecu Chiping RevoFlash 3

REVO FLASH 3 makes Engineered Performance for your car. It works on Volkswagen, AUDI, Seat, Skoda; Reprogram / Flash a vehicle in only 10 Minutes by connecting your PC to the vehicle OBD socket with the included SPP cable.

REVO is a Car Chip-Turning, specially designed for all kinds of modern cars. Nowadays almost all the manufactures of cars are international groups or enterprises, they have sold their cars to world-widely. Due to the obvious differences of fuel quality, temperature, air pressure, humidity, emission regulations and so on in different countries and areas, the manufacturer must develop his vehicles for a world wide market and must take into account the above different circumstances.
revo flash 3
Engineered performance for your Cars
REVO works for VW for for AUDI SEAT FOR SKODA
Do a car only need 10 minutes
Only need put the SPP cable to the socket of diagnostic in your car and open the software REVO INCLUDING SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE(SPP ADAPTER) ,IN THE SPP
ADAPTER INCLUDING 7191 POINT and it do a car need 799 point,so every SPP adapter can do 9pcs cars.
Note: This product is not the official REVO FLASH 3 cable distributed through the official webisite however is fully compatable with REVO FLASH 3 software. This product does not include bench flash cables (blue / green).
1. REVO has widely developed a set of applications for most modern cars, including Non turbos, Turbos and Turbo diesels.
2. To chip the car with REVO will achieve up to a 20 to30 % increase in horsepower and a remarkably stronger torque, even some are higher than 30%.
3. There’s no any influence on the settings of the functions of cars after fitting a REVO. For any particular car, REVO can re-programme the information held on the computer’s chip to optimize and improve power output without compromising fuel economy.
4. REVO can be used everlastingly, which can provide timely protection. Unless the outside force, REVO can keep well in spite the ECU has damaged.
5. REVO can be updated via softwares, you can continue to use the chip avoiding wasting.
Revo ECU chip tuning specialty:
1. Revo ECU chip tuning Revo Flash 3 Power is obd2 repair ECU chip tuning tool fit for VW AUDI SEAT SKODA.
2. Revo ECU chip tuning do a car only need 10 minutes.
3. Revo only need you put the spp cable to the socket if diagnostic in your car and open the software, then it can work for you.
4. Revo including software and hardware(spp adapter), in the spp adapter including 7191 point and revo do a car need 799 point, so ever spp adapter can do 9pcs cars.
Suported Cars:
Covers most VW / AUDI / SKODA / SEAT Vehicles from 2001-2005 (plus additional)
It is recommended you check the Supported ECU lists to verify coverage before purchasing.
R19 VAG ECU Supported Application List
R4 ECU Supported Application List

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2014 BMW 5 Series: What's Changed

Most significant changes: New diesel engine and standard navigation

Price change: Most 5 Series are up $1,200 to $1,700 compared to 2013

On sale: August 2013

Which should you buy, 2013 or 2014? Those who want navigation can get it slightly cheaper on the 2014 528 and 535 sedans

BMW expands its diesel engine offerings with the addition of a 5 Series diesel in a mildly refreshed 2014 model. Along with a more-efficient diesel engine, the refresh adds minor front and rear styling tweaks as well as new standard features such as navigation, larger center console storage compartments and cupholders.

The diesel-powered 535d sedan's turbocharged six-cylinder makes 255-horsepower and 413 pounds-feet of torque. BMW says the diesel will have "substantial fuel economy gains over its gasoline-fueled counterpart," though official EPA figures won't be available until closer to the car's August on-sale date. The 535d's available all-wheel drive puts it in a rare class of diesel, all-wheel-drive sedans along with the 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Bluetec — surprisingly, we're asked frequently about diesel, all-wheel-drive sedans at
All 5 Series now have standard navigation. BMW continues to add innovation to its iDrive system for controlling navigation and multimedia functions; this year, there's a new touchpad character-recognition feature integrated into the rotating controller. The touchpad recognizes letters as they're spelled with your finger. BMW says the rotary speller and voice recognition are still options for entering commands in addition to the touchpad.
The 528's stout turbocharged four-cylinder and 535's turbocharged six-cylinder gasoline engines carry over; however, under the 550's hood is a tweaked 445-hp V-8, up 45 hp from 2013. The newfound power propels the 550i sedan from zero to 60 mph a half second faster than 2013 models, now at 4.5 seconds. BMW's funky 5 Series Gran Turismo hatchback also receives the 445-hp V-8 in 550 models and gains 2.1 cubic feet of luggage room (to a max 17.7 cubic feet) from a revised rear section in all models — numbers are preliminary European specifications.
Exterior changes for 2014 are subtle and include slightly revised grille lines, redesigned lower air intakes and an extra crease in the rear apron; there's also more sharply contoured rear taillights. Like the smaller 3 Series, the 5 Series now shares Luxury, Modern and M Sport "Lines" with unique interior and exterior trim packages for a luxurious or sporty appearance. Adaptive high-intensity-discharge headlights are standard, and adaptive full LED low and high beams are optional.   

Additional optional equipment includes a new rear-seat entertainment system with tablet-style displays mounted to the front seatbacks, a Harman Kardon sound system and ambient lighting with orange and white color choices. An available hands-free tailgate on the Gran Turismo and trunk on the sedan now closes with motion detection as well as opens.
The 2014 5 Series goes on sale with the base four-cylinder rear-wheel-drive 528i starting at $50,425 with destination — the six-cylinder 535i is $56,025. Those prices are up $1,700 compared to 2013. Diesel 535d models start at $57,525 with rear-wheel drive and $59,825 with all-wheel drive. The 550i ($64,825) is up $1,200, while the 5 Series hybrid pricing is unchanged at $62,325. Gran Turismo 535i models ($60,925) $ are $1,700 more expensive while the Gran Turismo 550i ($68,825) is up $100.

2014 BMW 5 Series
2014 BMW 5 Series
2014 BMW 5 Series
2014 BMW 5 Series
2014 BMW 5 Series
2014 BMW 5 Series
2014 BMW 5 Series
2014 BMW 5 Series
2014 BMW 5 Series
2014 BMW 5 Series
2014 BMW 5 Series
2014 BMW 5 Series
2014 BMW 5 Series
2014 BMW 5 Series
2014 BMW 5 Series
2014 BMW 5 Series
2014 BMW 5 Series
2014 BMW 5 Series

PS2 Truck Scanner update online

As a result of massive field test, PS2 Truck Scanner becomes a matured and integrated product. Excellence is our motto. We make every effort to develop and to innovate our product which enables PS2 to become an reliable automobile diagnostic equipment. The speedy test, the accuracy and the user-friendly design of SP2 help us to enjoy the support of all customers.

PS2 is a high-tech and professional automobile diagnostic tool. Please follow the instruction to use the product.
As for the design of PS2, our technicians perfectly mix appearances with practicality. With jumbo size, true-color, full touching screen and simple body, customers will operate PS2 more intuitively and easily. The capability of the built-in highly processing chip could reach 400MHZ. Its ability is superior to the common used ARM7 chip. Such excellent performance of the chip and the superior diagnostic module will guarantee the accuracy and real-time function. The demonstration for data stream of PS2 shows its accuracy and rapidity which will enhance the convenience of our guests ps2 truck scanner.
In the compatible aspect of data agreement, PS2 comprehensively supports all protocols and all modes for the OBDII. The built-in CAN BUS chip supports all CAN BUS agreements. The forward-looking design of PS2 meets the need not only for the present but also for the future automobile main-line examination. The drivers of diagnostic module can be updated through the internet. The formidable compatibility reduces the equipped adapter.
We also provides wireless communication version of PS2. The servicemen can sits in the office to carry on the functional test. The VAG connector could meet the various requests from customers. All test procedures places on a high-capacity SD card which facilitates the updating procedure. The mulit-language edition will satisfy the demands from our customer around the world.

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launch x431 Diagun III Introduce

As we know Launch x431 diagun iii is the new item of launch, but many buyer feedback when he use x431 diagun iii, there is many problem for them,Here we list to install Launch X431 DiagunIII battery and How to install Launch X431 Diagun III TF card, Sincerely hope these messagecan help you to use x431 diagun iii professionaly

This post is to introduce Launch X431 Diagun III supported languages, car models, connections and how to update. Hope can help you. As the following is the details:
1. Launch X431 DIAGUN III language X-431 DIAGUN III full support: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German, Denish,Polish, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Slovenia, Thai, Turkish,Greek, Hungarian, Arabic, Korea.
2. Launch X431 DIAGUN III supported car models X-431 Diagun III is the newest specially designed diagnostic tool for automotive technicians.Cover nearly all domestic vehicle makes and Asian, European, American vehicle makes, the only
diagnostic tool which can work on two vehicles at the same time.
3.Launch X431 DIAGUN III Connections
Bluetooth (wireless) / Cable (wired) connections
X-431 Diagun III Bluetooth (wireless) Connection Procedure:
1. Insert the TF card into the slot;
2. Find out the vehicle’s DLC;
3. Plug the 16 PIN end of DBScar diagnostic connector into the vehicle’s DLC.
4.Launch X431 Diagun III update
Launch X431 Diagun III is universal OBDII Diagnostic Scanner update online at Launch x431 official website for one year free of charge.
How to install Launch X431 Diagun III TF card
Installation steps are as follows:
1. Take out the TF card from package box.
2. Insert the TF card into the X-431 Diagun III TF card slot perpendicularly. Make sure it is fully
inserted in the right place with the “micro “label facing upward. See Fig.d and e.
How to install Launch X431 Diagun III battery
Install steps are described as below:
1. Follow Fig.a to push the bottom cabinet forward to open position, and then remove it.
2. Take out the battery form the package box and install it as indicated on Fg.b.
3. Cover the reader cabinet and push it backwards to the original position, as shown on Fig.c.
To disassemble the battery, reverse the steps that you followed to install the battery.
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Friday, May 17, 2013

Launch X431 Master

Launch X431 Master has the function of read DTCs, read DataStream, actuation test, sensor waveform display and ECU coding. It’s faster to communicate with cars than X-431 by integrated structure to save time in work. It can test most of cars by using the unique 16 PIN connector which integrates the function of all 16 PIN connectors of X-431. 24V operating voltage capability is added to work with different kinds of batteries. It is easier and more convenient to operate than X-431 based on the smart design.
X431 auto scan tool is a new generation of product developed by Launch Tech. It is a perfect marriage between automotive electronic technology and information networking. X431 adopts open diagnostic technology, which is the most advanced in the world as well as the future of automotive diagnosis. It carries PDA functions apart from reading trouble code, data stream and actuation test, sensor waveform and digital code control.
1.Diagnosis on various electronic control system
2.Built-in operating system, open diagnostic platform and PDA functions
3.Supports extra high-speed transfer of data stream
4.Powerful data stream display in waveform format
5.Standard hardware compatible to almost all vehicle sockets
6.Large LCD touch screen for easier operation
7.DEMO functions provide easily accessible help information
8.Mini printer for real-time printout of test data
9.Multi-language operating interface
10.Print out test data any time with built-in printer
11.Easy operation through handwriting input on large touch screen
12.s generic diagnostic equipment, it can interface with diagnostic adaptors of all vehicles models in the world
13.Strong test capacity to cover all electronic systems
14.Unique reading of date stream to ensure fast date updating
15.Strong waveform display to monitor any change in the data stream
16.Embedded operation system and open-platform diagnosis to make effective diagnosis possible
17.Integrated adaptors featuring compact design and reliability
18.Complete after-sales service system to give life-long service
19.Multi-language choices and easy update via the Internet
obd2works, as a professional auto diagnostic tools online supplier, providing our customers with a vast range of high-quality and affordable automobile maintenance tools .Our main business line covers: Automotive Professional LAUNCH Diagnostic Tool  for OBD I and OBDII compliant vehicles; Auto Diagnostic tool, OBD2 Code Scanners, ECU Chip Tuning Tool, Car Key programmer Mileage Programmer as well as other more featured products.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Arrival Launch X431 CReader VII

Before I bought one launch x431 CReader VII designed by launch, I learn some reviews, such as: the battery of the launch x431 CReader VII can last long; I do not know how to use
2013 New Arrival Launch X431 VII Diagnostic Code Reader. Then I think that must be true.
In fact, now I change my mind, several days ago I try to order one CReader VII at and receive it yesterday; they ship to me by DHL, very fast shipping. When I get it, it
packed well and get no broken in the way. This is what I get CReader VII, have a look the whole package.
"the battery of x431 CReader VII lasts very long time." I don't think so, you will find 4 bits of dry cell, if this expires, I'm able to buy a replacement. And for someone? confusion they don't understand how to use X431 CReader VII, it's not possible, CReader VII is really a DIY fault code scanner, it's very simple to use, also you will find one instructions within the package.
Launch Creader VII is a new generation of vehicle diagnostic trouble code reader for individual users. With stylish touch inductive buttons, if not only supports OBD functions, but also supports basic diagnostic functions of full system of single vehicle model. It can read data streams of all ECU's such as ABS, SRS and so on.
1.Single model full system diagnosis
2.All OBD functions:
Read/clear DTC
Real-time data stram
Readiness state test
Freeze frame data, etc.
3.DLC query function
4.DLC location alert
5.Abbreviation query
6.Buzzer alarm
7.USD or SD card upgrade
8.Record and playback test data
9.Data streams displayed in waveform
obd2works, as a professional auto diagnostic tools online supplier.In our shop you could get universal and economical tools and free technical support for your car. With years of
experience in trading auto diagnostic tool for cars and trucks, our servicing products have involved in a vast collection of categories. In short, obd2works supplies First-class Products,
Competitive Price, Timely Delivery and free professional Technical Support & Service as your most valuable cooperator.