Sunday, June 29, 2014

Since the end of OBD: the road leading to large number of data pits

In the OBD insurance mode, the maximum value achieved mainly through OBD vehicle monitoring lies. Its meaning is more like a car black box, with the help of the owners driving habits, mileage and other key information with the real-time control to achieve premium rate difference, if there is an accident, the insurance company can understand the dangerous condition of the equipment before the vehicle accident running, determine responsibility for the accident. For large quantities, can provide customers with fast access to model driving behavior, the insurance company may take a free way to promote vehicle OBD, combined with advertising and marketing value-added model.
     Until today, did not appear "Paul T" the first case in the true sense. Why is it so difficult hand? After all, the reason for not touched upon is difficult for you to meet the core needs of the other side!
     Car OBD auto insurance industry to bring how to give practical benefits? Insurance companies need in the end is what kind of data? Based on the difference auto insurance rates to achieve the purpose of the reform, insurance companies require at least the following three types of data:
     1, obtained by G-sensor data
     G-sensor, the English name Gravity-sensor, acceleration sensor is meant, it is a special high-tech components, can perceive changes in acceleration, acceleration is when the role of the object during acceleration forces on the object, such as shaking, falling, rising, falling and other mobile G-sensor changes can be perceived.
     By G-sensor, accelerometer can monitor vehicle owners involved in bad driving habits, such as braking, rapid acceleration and sharp turns, accidents also can manage the process. In the event of a collision, in order to prevent potentially fraudulent, insurance companies need accurate ruled an accident from which direction the vehicle is hit, whether the comic impact within milliseconds, repeated impact, whether tumbling after impact? By the acceleration and direction changes can be determined whether a collision, the impact from the front or from behind. With these data indicate that these processes are real accident occurred.
     2, Can-bus protocol cracked read information
     For the insurance company, you want to get to the impact of auto insurance payment data, you must also master the owners of bad driving habits, such as "cornering lights do not fight, do not pull the handbrake in the car, lock the car does not close the window closed, not wearing a seatbelt ...... "and so forth, OBD diagnostic trouble codes ordinary unable to provide, more is needed to break the original car's proprietary protocol.
     Bus on many types of vehicles, such as high as 500kpbs speed Canbus, or low-speed 100kbps Canbus, there are other K-line, VPW, PWM, etc., system objects connected not only with the engine ECU, ABSECU, SRSECU, instrument cluster, etc. , including centralized control locks, power windows, mirrors, lights and other car inside; there may also have intelligent communication system for satellite navigation.
     Throughout the body by the sensor, various vehicle traveling data is sent to the "bus", these data do not specify a unique receiver, all the data receiving side needs to have the required information can be read from the "bus" . In other words, you can get to by Canbus include "door windows, lights, brakes, gears, air conditioning, radar, ignition, flame, speed, fuel consumption, safety belt" and other information with the state, but because of the protection of the depot this part of the car belonging to a proprietary protocol data requires an illegal break. The workload is very large, the need for each model of each car brand even do development. But even that got the data must also bear a very big legal risk.
     3, the information acquired by the GPS
     A normal commuting daily on the city's A owners and a walking tour route daily in Yunnan B owner, the higher the risk of lower? Glance evident. In the course of the accident, the owner at what time, what place concrete collided, to be accurate to people, things, conduct accident payment management, insurance companies need to obtain location information through GPS data and mileage of the vehicle. Obviously, this part of the information is not necessarily in order to get through the OBD interface. Common GPS can calculate mileage and obtain location information, and data through the OBD interface than the "average speed * travel time" mileage calculations are more accurate, error basically controlled within 5%.
     From the bottom: the data behind the gorgeous pit father
     The above data needed for the insurance companies, the current OBD Can not achieved? Yes, of course! Universal OBD not do nothing, but careful scrutiny, you will find all sorts of data pits father behind these gorgeous:
     (1) Fault code data value just like chicken
     As already mentioned, OBD-II main function is to provide diagnostic trouble codes, when failure occurs emissions, ECU fault information and records related code, and a warning through the fault lights. Generally speaking, OBD2 trouble codes by a letter and four digits. As shown in the picture below, the majority of OBD manufacturers can only get to "PO/P2/P3400-P3FFF generic fault code information, the other for car manufacturers custom fault code information, and only to the original diagnosis., For example in terms of Volkswagen car the whole car has 15,000 fault codes, and generic fault codes less than 3000, accounting for only one-fifth of the vehicle can not meet the diagnostic requirements.
     In fact, most of the generic fault code information is of little significance for the owner, or to the public generic fault codes, for example, "P0001 representative of the amount of fuel regulator control circuit / open, P025A representative of the fuel pump module control circuit / open circuit, P0103 a representative of the air flow sensor circuit high ...... "is not it a bit being around dizzy? In general, is to detect include power systems, chassis systems, communication systems, body systems part of common faults. This information is for the safety of the vehicle does not have any influence, real-time fault will be displayed on the dashboard, such as air bags, seat belts, high water temperature and other issues will directly reminder. When these data are not driven cold passion owners used the occasion just like chicken, but also to attract what about the insurance companies?

Friday, June 27, 2014

GM MDI Multiple Diagnostic Tool

GM MDI GM factory dedicated detector, initially introduced Pass - Thru programming capabilities. It performs Pass - Thru programming since 1993 to the present and even the future of all models. All cars GM mini MDI must be selected to perform the audit on the 2009 models. Diagnostic software as General Motors announced fourth quarter 2008 in a small MDI.
Start time of diagnosis, MINI MDI still remote data logging. This feature can record data during the road test, similar to Tech2 snapshot function. A trigger switch connector that is used for this purpose. As requested, the programming process should comply with SAE (American Association of Motor Vehicle Engineers) specify the protocol J2534, GM SPS software from this agreement in accordance with, GM MINI MDI is also part of the agreement to comply with applicable J2534 GM's.
Tech2 future
Tech2 is still an essential tool for the production of at least 2,010 vehicles. Universal Mini MDI will not support the introduction of diagnostic functions in the past. And, Tech2 will continue to be diagnosed prior year models. Remote programming and Tech2 will continue to support all of 2007 with an annual output models. Will provide additional information in the future.
Meanwhile diagnostic scope includes all 96 to 2010 Vauxhall / Opel models, it uses the latest GDS (Global Diagnostic System) is a new module ASTRA J and INSIGNIA, as well as all other models TECH2WIN software. Prior to this, Tech2 GDS tool requires the latest version of the software, but you have to have the latest ASTRA J and INSIGNIA, it is a fully functional Tech2 simulator, so you get the same functionality and Tech2 (including all).
Mini MDI Tech2 faster than 20-70%, because there are no added Tech2 ASTRA J / INSIGNIA software, is an important reason for you to experience the latest features Mini MDI module. The system can also be used to update Tech2 to the latest version of the software, to ensure adequate security and programmatic access. It also includes all of the wiring diagrams, information services, inspection procedures, working hours, part look like.
GM MDI factory Chang Road Technology provides diagnostic equipment module function
1.GDS original software, a powerful and comprehensive detection, testing powertrain, body and chassis
2 supports all common cars after 2008, including the North American GM, Shanghai GM.
3 supports wired and Wi-Fi
4.2007 support maintenance mode programming Pass-Thru
5.2008 support vehicle diagnostics and online programming
6. Reduce maintenance programming time, GMLAN communication protocol ECU programming time is currently using Tech2 1/3
7 can LaCrosse, road statue electronic throttle programming
Detector configuration
1.MDI communication module
2.OBD2 wiring
3 lines
4.USB wiring
5 power supply, software
"GM MDI factory" relevant information provided by the, edit, reproduced please specify, thank you.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Delphi Release "plug and play" car networking solutions

Delphi ds150e Automotive Systems, Inc. today announced the launch of the Chinese market, its innovative, cloud-based Internet service new car: Delphi Connect. Following the successful listing in the United States, Delphi Connect upcoming breakthrough for the Chinese car owners' car to the cloud / cloud to the car, "the car interconnection services.
Users simply insert the Delphi Connect module board diagnostic (OBD) port, you can easily and quickly receives a lot of important information to the vehicle via smart phone or Delphi system sites, such as the health condition of the vehicle data, driving records, etc., but also can Driving distance setting boundaries, tracking vehicles. Delphi Connect can be used in 2003 and beyond, most of the models produced in China.
Delphi's chief technology officer, Jeffrey Owens said: "DelphiConnect remote control can help owners locate their vehicles anywhere, anytime tune to see it driving history can help owners keep track of the health status of the car, as if to bring a car. diagnostic technician with your peers. "
Owners simply inserted into the device-board diagnostic (OBD) port (the port is usually located under the steering column) of the vehicle, these features can be achieved. Delphi Connect provides a dedicated secure cloud server to store data, and allows the driver to access certain information on the vehicle. Users simply by smartphone mobile application (Android or Apple) or Delphi system Web site, you can enjoy many services provided by Delphi Connect, including:
Vehicle Health Alert: When the engine, security systems, such as vehicle exhaust system problems or problems hidden, DelphiConnect will automatically alert the owner via text message or e-mail.
Vehicle Tracking: real-time tracking of the vehicle, showing the location of the vehicle speed and direction to facilitate fleet management.
Vehicle Location: through the website or mobile phone owners, in any place, any time, to locate his car remote control, easy to find your car.
Driving History / driver log: Provides car travel summary.
Safe Driving Monitor: When someone driving your own vehicle, locate the position of the vehicle at any time. Vehicle owners can also set up a designated area (also known as electronic fence), when the car out of the electronic fence area, car owners will receive information across the fence.
Customer service management: the automotive aftermarket, the engineers can provide remote vehicle diagnostics through DelphiConnect, roadside assistance, repair and maintenance, vehicle health status monitoring and fault management services.
Customers can download and apply to Android 2.2 Apple iOS 5.0 or later Delphi applications and smart phones, can also be viewed through the Delphi system to monitor vehicle information website. Delphi Connect system website is compatible with multiple browsers, including Internet Explorer and older versions of the 7 IE browser, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Firefox browsers. Website run by Delphi system data is securely encrypted. Programmable features Delphi Delphi Connect will allow in the future and improve the quality of services and products.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Digital Tachograph Fault Codes!

We have developed a Tachograph App in conjunction with Skillray Tachograph Suppliers.

It contains display message and fault code meanings for VDO and Stoneridge digital and analogue tachographs. The app also shows you the possible causes and fixes for each fault code.

We have designed the app to help drivers stay on the right side of the enforcement agencies and to enable tachograph technicians to rapidly diagnose and repair faults.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Experts teach you identify maintenance mileage used cars from the details

Used cars for sale used cars mileage before the amendment has become a common phenomenon in the industry, open garages for many years to adjust under the odometer, the price immediately increased significantly. According to an automotive plant employees about the odometer currently using mechanical, an electronic order. Mechanical odometer are mainly old car use, you can toggle directly counter gear with a screwdriver, you can freely adjust the mileage. Electronic mainly used in the production of new cars in recent years, the market has been the emergence of a specific electronic odometer adjusting table instrumentation, data storage chip by modifying the car to change the LCD mileage readings. When changes to the chip removed from the car, or through the vehicle data port connection can be modified , ford vcm ii for sale.
The average consumer to identify the odometer has been debugged very difficult, but there are ways to tell if the odometer has been changed.
1, the most simple way is: Go to the 4S shop check the car's maintenance record. But usually only the car is still more applicable warranty period, because some owners out of warranty do not go after the 4S shop maintenance, there will be no maintenance records.
2, has been a vehicle warranty period, you can go to the insurance company. Insurance policy, there will be some mileage records.
3, if the above method will not work, it is only by looking at the vehicle. You can usually see several places: First, the wheel wear, and second brake pads wear, the third is the wear of the tire. "If the odometer shows the car ran only 10,000 km, but the steering wheel wear was more serious, it is certainly a problem,VCM II shop. Circumstances brakes and tires as well. However, because the replacement tires and brake pads may be ground, and therefore according to the actual situation: for example, the car is about 50,000 km, but the tires are new and may have some general questions, probably a tire can run 60,000 km, "but such a view, no professionals. experience, the average consumer is difficult to do.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Car networking era battle on security

With an external device connected to the car more and more, it faces many security risks, despite the current industry has recognized this, but realize that to develop effective programs still have a long way to go.
Compared future V2V systems and automatic driving car universal level, today's "car Internet" still in its infancy, but even so, there are many ways to have been malicious attacks from the cloud to the car system. Located below the instrument's car OBD2 diagnostic interface is now the most vulnerable to malware attacks. In the past, it just auto mechanic teacher diagnostic interface is used to connect the car, but now, it is even capable of receiving WiFi signals and thus the vehicle for remote diagnostics, remote unlock, if there is no protection of information security systems, then the car will become a "chicken . " This paper will present in automotive Internet information security risks, information and practical ways to deal with the invasion inventory programs.
A car interconnected risks
Remote code tampering
To optimize the vehicle electronic systems programming, car manufacturers can adapt the system code, and hackers can do, but the difference between the two is that the hackers for malicious code tampering.
Intelligent Transportation System is essentially exchanges V2V, V2I, the hacker can intercept and modify data in the information exchange process, thereby causing confusion.
In a computer, a malicious software can be uninstalled, it is not possible to reinstall the system. For a car, malicious software will lead to the sudden invasion of accidents - even the sound system volume suddenly increases will scare a rapt remote car driver, causing irreparable consequences.
Different products more generations cycle
More generation cycle of the electronic component inside is very long compared to the period of the computer 3, the former which is almost three times. This makes the car even if the electronic system fails to technical updates, loopholes can not be repaired.
And if you want to replace some electronic components, new issues will be raised. Due to the rapid development of electronic components, new components may not be with the original electronic systems and interactive good match for the market vendors and challenges.
Through information encrypted connection process seems to be able to ensure the safety of vehicles, but there are also "grabbed" concerns, simply put, is the malicious data is encrypted as normal data.
The high cost of security solutions
If the car's electronic system design are fixed, then the upgrading process will involve a huge amount of work; If using heuristic protection program, the need for greater data processing, programming itself caused trouble even as much processing software Intrusion; virtual private network (VPN) can provide good security, but if users are thousands of cars using it, the cost will be very expensive.
Thus, with the associated vehicle electronic systems, information systems and the outside world ever closer, the urgent need to optimize information security program.
Second, the way the car network intrusion
Physical connection
That is, through a special chip, connected to the CANBUS bus vehicle control car via Bluetooth, mobile data, etc., to the disadvantage of this approach is the need to install, easy to find; Spanish security researcher Javier Vazquez - Vidal (JavierVazquez-Vidal) and Alberto Garcia and easy music to pull (AlbertoGarciaIllera) 3 月份 demonstrated a small device they build, cost less than $ 20.
Such a device with the car's internal network physical connection and enter malicious commands affect all parts from the windows, headlights, steering wheel to brake. The size of the device is equivalent to three-quarters of iPhone through four antennas and car control area network (ControllerAreaNetwork, abbreviated CAN) connectivity, access to energy from the vehicle power system, ready to receive remote attackers sent by a wireless computer command and the input-vehicle systems. They named the device control area network intrusion tools, referred to CHT.
"Connect only takes five minutes or less time, then you can leave." German automotive IT security consultant Vidal said, "We can wait one minute or one year, and then start the device directs it to do anything for us things. "
Vidal said the researchers were able to depend on the input commands via remote CHT type models. They tested four different models (they do not want to disclose the specific manufacturer and model number), enter the command has closed headlights, activate the alarm, turn on and off this prank windows, anti-lock braking system also has access or emergency braking system, which may lead to a sudden stop a vehicle traveling in dangerous actions. In some cases, the installation of the device need to open the hood or trunk, while in other cases, they say only need to climb under the car to install.
Currently, such devices can be connected via Bluetooth wireless attacks which limits the distance to within a few feet. But two researchers said that when they showcase their research in Singapore, will be upgraded to a GSM cellular radio, so that in a few miles outside the control of the device possible.
OBD loopholes
Through the OBD interface of the vehicle, the car is written to malicious programs, such as the vehicle to cause the failure of the situation, the more difficult to achieve because the OBD interface is often in the car, the main way is to wait for an opportunity when the owners repair operations;
To install the chipset or car OBD Although invasive means are not clever, but it is best to use, after all, the existing automotive control systems have not been too many basic security, it is relatively easy to crack, if by OBD intrusion system bus, it will be much easier to control the engine ECU, as long as the car itself is functional enough, in addition to outside control acceleration and braking, and even take over the steering (pure electronic power steering and other active or wire).
Another popular risk, exists on the owners to buy their own installation "OBD communications equipment", now part of the electronics manufacturers introduced based on the information read car OBD WIFI or Bluetooth devices, automotive information can be passed to the phone via WIFI or Bluetooth or computer, which would allow owners to learn more vehicle information on their own, or even upload to the Internet via mobile phone APP, fuel consumption and other travel information exchange, seemingly beneficial and harmless, in fact, there are also risks, poor equipment manufacturers can malicious intrusion on the OBD program, but even the regular products may also be bad business in the sales cycle tampered with, such risks may have a real existence.
Wireless Control
High point of the car now has networking capabilities, whether it is intelligent copilot or interconnected driving, once connected to the network, it is likely to be compromised, which is a computer hacker attack was the same reason.
Freescale Semiconductor Technician RichardSoja said: "Remote wireless intrusion will become a major threat to many vehicle systems approach can save the data on a particular chip.." Although remote wireless intrusion has not been listed as the most threatening The car connection system means of attack, but several studies indicate its potential hazards. Component suppliers and sub-developers are looking for ways people can disable the vehicle interior network intrusion.
Infineon BjoernSteurich cross-functional team leader, said: "One of the effective ways to prevent the vehicle bus data on the use of digital signature secure data transmission when compared to all via the data bus is encrypted for this. method is more practical because it is not affected by network bandwidth. "smartphone has been the object of interest to hackers, and as more and more contact with the vehicle system closely, it will also be able to be used by hackers to break into the car connection system breakthrough. More and more smartphone users connected to the system, there is a lot of data transfer using applications and entertainment features, period, any vulnerability could cause the system to be "black."

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Automotive after-market, business battleground

    For the concept of the car market, I need a brief introduction. Refers to the so-called auto market after vehicle sales around the course in a variety of automotive services, it covers all the services needed for the consumer to buy a car. Cars sold to scrap the process, use the links around the automotive aftermarket and service needs of the various successor will produce a series of transactions. It can not help many companies to generate new ideas: the automobile market to explore new profit growth point.
    Automobile market a range of content including automotive electronics, automotive entertainment, vehicle modification, car repair, car, car decoration, car maintenance, car rental, used car trading and so on. For automotive electronics, the automotive after market coverage is extremely extensive, in-car navigation, car diagnostics, electronic dog, tachograph, networking and other aspects of the car are the car manufacturers battleground. To pocketed market share, manufacturers began brains, technology and innovation in an ambitious exhibition. But with the increase in subscribers, people increasingly find "money" has been not so easy to earn it.
    OBD homogenization let car prices have to find a new breakthrough
    In addition to throwing unfavorable factors, the prospects of the automotive industry is very broad. Tencent released immediately Lobo led the box a "OBD" greeted the word "star effect" might indeed powerful, just a few day trade media hype began OBD how to, not knowing OBD as early as 20 years ago began its development process. 1994 American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) that "the car's self-diagnostic system standards", OBD will monitor vehicle emissions as the government came into being.
OBD (On-BoardDiagnostic) on-board diagnostic system to monitor operating conditions of the engine and exhaust after treatment system working state, once found the situation may cause excessive emissions, and will issue an alert immediately. When the system fails, the failure (MIL) or check engine light (CheckEngine) warning lights, while the OBD system fault information will be stored in the memory, by standard diagnostic instruments and diagnostic interface in the form of fault codes read the relevant information. Follow the prompts to fault codes, maintenance personnel can quickly and accurately determine the nature and location of the fault.

    Today, most companies just rely on OBD narrow understanding, the "Diagnostic vehicle fault" and the development of products, but the fact is that such products and services does not seem to be recognized by the owners. From the beginning of the program the first car was given a "safety first" property, the depot has been technically vehicle safety checks, and the subsequent repair services are pushed to the garages, testing often overlooked part . Operating conditions of the engine and exhaust diagnosis far less vigilant seat belts, airbags, tire to be more really something. So in the face of homogenization OBD market products, companies give more consideration to be transferred to another dimension where it is - life vehicles.
    LAUNCH: to build a platform of social life vehicles
    As OBD industry pioneer LAUNCH idea is to build the core of social life car platform, which golo born. Golo Lobo boxes seem similar on the surface, are used for fault detection to ensure safe driving, and are made for the car owners living services. From which we can also see the introduction of OBD social property will be the future direction of development. Mr. Liu Zhengzhi LAUNCH president said in an interview with this reporter, said: Safety Comfort depot capable of many factors taken into consideration for the owners has been taken into account, followed by the application of OBD want more service for the owners, with today's technology conversion rate very low. Because most applications are useless, so it can not get a response owners. Not the OBD port as vehicle maintenance applications are likely to be a mistake. To this end LAUNCH invented golo for the owners to provide remote diagnostic services, so even with the car parked on the roadside for some reason, do not worry, repairman for the owners to provide online remote diagnostic service.
    Launch the OBD innovations have similar, they have slowly realized that only "diagnosis" has been unable to meet the growing needs of the owners driving. Today's automotive industry has become a pillar industry of the national economy, and real estate, consumer goods, jewelry and said the three mainstream economy. Visible, the car has come to people's lives in a pivotal role, car prices have not more than ten years ago, and that people can not touch, and now more and more families are choosing to buy a car as a means of transport. With the popularization of automobile development intensified, the owner of the car above the living experience will become the new consumer demand. "We need a community to accommodate a car and the people who had no car, a car people can discuss how to make car maintenance, where the scenery more attractive. Had no car and there are people who need to interact with the car up to eliminating the need for people to drive then spent the waiting time. "one golo user said in earnest.
    Speak louder than words, the future development of intelligent car certainly would like to, there may be unmanned, but what need to worry too much car exhaust emissions are exceeding it? "Car Life" car prices have not stirred up boo head, people do like to use smart phones in the hope that better use of the car up. Long way to go perhaps because we do not have to worry about car networking how to pass the boring time, you can achieve the same purpose vehicle wifi mobile Internet and the speed can not be underestimated; formed around the OBD automotive community repairman and the owner can communicate with the dialogue, both save repair costs and increase aftermarket knowledge; To be able to carpool to play, you can also communities inside the car, "shouted a few voice" make some like-minded people together enjoy the beautiful nature. Maybe this is the vehicle of life, which is based on the car as the carrier created a rich experience. No one can resist it, just follow the car life can be arbitrary swim under the new technology....

Monday, June 2, 2014

What Does The Tuirel S777 Professional Car Diagnostic Tool Can Support?

The Tuirel S777 comes with total 46 car softwares, which can be download from the official website. And the Tuirel S777 can be updated online. It supports multi-languages which include English, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbian, Farsi, Polish, German, Italian, Swedish, Arabic, French, Greece, Dutch, Korean, Czech, Russian, Turkish and Japanese.

The Tuirel S777 can work with some European vehicles, Asian vehicles and American vehicles.Among European vehicles,this vehicle diagnostic tool can work with Fiat, Lancia, Alfa, Romeo, Benz, Audi, BMW, VW, Skoda, Volvo, Opel, Renault, Citroen, Peugeot, Land Rover, Smart, Seat, Saab, Vauxhall/ Sprinter, Jaquar, Rover, Porsche, Euro Ford, MG and Roewe.
For Asian vehicles,it can support Honda, Suzuki, Subaru, Toyota/ Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai, Daewoo, Isuzu, Maruti, Mahindra, Tata, Golden, Dragon, Lifan, Ssangyong, Brilliance, Chery, Great Wall, Perodua, Proton, HaFei, Geely, Chang an, Changhe, BYD, SH, GM, Wuling, Tailand Isuzu, Indonesia Suzuki and Indonesia Daihatsu.
The Tuirel S777 can support many European vehicles and Asian vehicles,but it can only support few American vehicles,they are GM, Chrysler, US Ford and Chevrolet.