Thursday, February 27, 2014

FORD VCM 2---latest diagnostic interface for Ford

FORD VCM 2 is the latest diagnostic interface for Ford for using with their IDS(Integrated Diagnostics Software). FORD VCM 2 IDS,along with a dedicated laptop, provide you full dealer diagnostic capabilities for most 16 pin Fords. A fantastic new function of the VCM 2 is its ability to communicate wirelessly with your laptop or computer,without the need of paying for a separate wireless card.This means you can easily work on a car.The FORD VCM 2 will be backwards compatible with most 16 pin Fords, plus it's essential for all new 2013 models.It supports the existing VMM (Vehicle Measurement Module), and new CFR (Customer Flight Recorder). The VCM 2 has shock resistant rubber ends,making it suitable for garage and workshop environments.
The FORD VCM 2 is a direct replacement for the original VCM 1 and offers additional benefits and a lower cost of ownership over the current VCM.Enhancements have been made to the IDS software to integrate the FORD VCM 2 and allow both VCM and VCM 2 to function with existing IDS PCs.
All VCM 2's will operate as a CFR(Customer Flight Recorder) with an optional cable to replace the functionality of the VDR(Vehicle Data Recorder).
Functions of FORD VCM 2 are what people cares most.
1.Automatic vehicle recognition;
2.Read Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs);
3.Live Data-stream with Recording Playback Functions for Main ECUs;
4.Guided Fault Finding;
5.New Software Re-flash for Existing ECUs;
6.Programming Installation of new ECUs (PCM, ABS, Instrument Cluster, Air Bag, Fuel Pumps, etc.);
7.Program New Keys;
8.Injector Coding;
9.Set, Adjust or Remove Speed Governors;
10.DPF Regeneration;
11.Brake Bleeding;
12.Steering Angle Resets;
13.All Other Dealer Functions.
vcm2 packing
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Auto Sensor Signal Simulation Tool MST-9000

MST9000 AUTO SIGNAL operation steps
1, Click the button “F1”
2, Based on the ECU Terminal diagram of the related car models, accordingly connect the fuel injector driving signal to MST-9000 INJ1—INJ6;
3, Connect ECU ignition driver signal to the IG1-IG6 of MST-9000;
4, Connect ECU oil pump relay signal, power line, wire to MST-9000 FPR/+B/GND.
5, Connect MST-9000 crankshaft and camshaft signal CH1-CH6 to ECU crankshaft and camshaft signal;
6, Edit the ECU crankshaft signal by special waveform software, and write the data by USB interface.
7, Click the button “READ”, and then click the “out”, the complete crankshaft signal will put out via CH1-CH6.
8, Click the button “RUN”, and then the power source terminal +B output 12v power, now the CUP starts to work.
How to set crankshaft signal?
Find out the phase diagram of ECU crankshaft and camshaft signal.
Attention: the phase diagram of crankshaft signal and camshaft must be a whole working cycle WAVEFORM, as the above showing:
Phase diagram analysis:
1, The camshaft signal starting point of engine one working cycle
2, The camshaft signal end point of engine one working cycle
B, Edit the Waveform in the waveform software as the above picture shows.
Notes: CH1/CH2 is Hall sensor signal output, CH3\CH4\CH5 is magneto electric sensor signal output
2, after waveform edition ends, in the “end phase” dialogue you need to enter a crankshaft signal value after a working cycle of engine.
Note: this data is generated based on the crankshaft signal located “Phase” value when it ends
C. Finally, write waveform into MST-9000 by USB data cable.
MST-9000 driver fuel injector connection method:
MST-9000 Driver Idle Control Valve connection method:

MST-9000 driver pressure control valve connection method:
MST-9000 driver 4-line Step Motor connection method:
MST-9000 driver 6-line Step Motor connection method:
MST-9000 driver Km Table (Hall sensor):
MST-9000 driver Km Table (magneto electric sensor):
MST-9000 independently output 6-channel electromagnetic actuator simulation, they are compatible with ABS control solenoids, automatic transmission shift solenoid valve, hydraulic adjustment solenoid valve, fuel injectors, ignition coils, carbon canister clearance solenoid valve, A \ C relays, fans and electrical appliances, and electromagnetic actuator simulation

MST-9000 analog temperature sensor, throttle position sensor, air flow meter, intake air pressure sensor, oxygen sensor and the connection method to connect with ECU.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Please confirm the connection among OBD interface,candi main cable, GM TECH2 and power is correct. When test candi, you must provide power from OBD connector, please refer to the following picture.









Mark: there are two kinds of CANDI self test, please
refer to the picture NO.8 and NO.10.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to use CN900 4D decoding

CN900 is a powerful auto key programmer,supports on copying the chips (11 12 13 33 T5 41 and 42) and parts of 44 and 45.Can directly copy 4C and 4D chips, can copy such as Toyota 4d67.CN chips can be copied many times.Can recongize locked ID48 and can unlock i will show that how to use it.
1.First be sure the CN900 key programmer is the latest or higher Version
2.Please connect the CN900 with the 4D DECODE BOX before turn on the power.After Then turn on the power.

3..Please insert the 4D key which you want to copy in the testing hole of CN900 .Click the Identify&Copy button Of the CN900 Do not move the 4D key and keep it in the testing hole of CN900 .And then click the "decode" button of CN900
After click the Decode button then it start to decode.(Notice: Do not move the 4D key which you want to copy) Till you see "decode" this word on the CN900 screen become copy this word then it mean decoding successfully.
After decode successfully then you can remove the 4D key from the testing hole of the CN900 and put CN 2 chip in the smaller hole of CN900 and click the button and wait for few seconds then it will show the copy successful then it means this CN2 chip already have the same information as the 4D key and it can start the car.

Friday, February 21, 2014

What About OBD II Software for the Computer?

There are literally TONS of OBD II scanning software that is out there. However, some of it's free and some of it costs a good chunk of money. I'm going to briefly talk about a few products, what they do, what features they have and most importantly, how much they cost!
One of the better known line of OBD2 software scanning products is called "ScanTool" (one picture to the right) and you can find all their programs and OBD II USB Cables over at They actually have a whole line of different types of products, from specially designed products for different car manufacturers, touch-screen based programs and even your basic checking and clearing codes programs. Their programs range from ~$25 to roughly $130 + extra addons you can get for them... not to mention the price of their specific OBD II cable for your computer. Not bad, but you can get a very good tuner for about the price of their "full setup".
Another quality program is called "ProScan" and it's actually the one I use on my laptop. This DOES work with a generic USB OBD II cable as that's what I use. This program is very nice and has just enough features to keep me interested in it and not just as a "okay, time to get the laptop to check the codes" type of thing. It tells you what codes mean in plain English so you don't have to spend time Googling whatever code you received means. It clears codes quickly and has monitors for pretty much any sensor you can imagine. It has an HP/Torque estimator (It's used as just that: an estimator) and can even give you pretty accurate 1/4 mile times. Although I suggest if you want to use either of these features, you do it in a SAFE environment that doesn't have people all around.
The last program I'm going to talk about is called "EasyOBDII." It's a rather good program and was one of the first ones I found and tinkered with. It gives you some pretty good sensors information and other car information. However, there is a VERY limited free trial which only lets you just about read codes and do a few other small things -- you can't even clear your Check Engine Light with it unless you have a paid version. However, the VERY GOOD news is that a commercial license on costs $19.99! I'm not positive, but I believe that the commercial version unlocks everything you should need (and some more). The best bang for your buck is probably with this program and the fact that you can get the free version and mess around with it to become familiar with the program is a very good marketing strategy.
To be honest, I do love ProScan, but if I wouldn't have snagged a free copy of it, I would have definitely bought EasyOBDII for a mere $20. However, my best suggestion would be to research, research, research and come to your own conclusions. My opinions are simply that, my opinions! Make sure you can understand and work the software before you even begin thinking about getting a USB OBD II cable!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

MST-80 Auto Voltage Regulator Diagnostic Tool

The car ECU is so easily to be damaged once the battery voltage is unstable while you doing the ECU programming of your vehicle. So it is necessary to protect the ECU safety with our Voltage Regulator And Power Charger.MST-80 Automatic Voltage Regulator delivers cost-effective and high quality power protection for many applications and prevents equipment damage from voltage fluctuations and transient surge.
Often times, it takes too long time to do vehicle ECU programming, the battery voltage usually is lower or higher than standard values due to electricity instability which might result sudden disruption during programming and cause damage to Vehicle ECU.
MST-80 Auto Voltage Regulator
MST-80 Auto Voltage Regulator is birthed from our customers’ needs for safe vehicle ECU programming for BMW, BENZ and other brands of vehicles. By adopting industrial standard, frequency transformer switching power supply and intelligent power charge technologies, Not only it can be used for vehicle ECU programming, but also can be used for many other types of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply System) equipments. It regulates the output voltage and current with over-charge and over-heat protection and current adjustment. It can prolong the lifespan of the battery drastically and enables battery charge to the full automatically if it’s used for battery charge.
1.Regulates output voltage and current.
2.Protects from over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature with voltage and current number reading indicators on the equipment and over-temperature indicator.
3.Enables automatic and safe vehicle ECU programming.
4.Prolongs battery lifespan and Enables battery being charged to the full if it’s used for battery charge.
5.Can be used unattended and fully automatically
Main parameters:
1. Input voltage: AC220V15%, or AC110V15% (optional, notify us when ordered)
2. Output voltage adjustable range: 14V
3. Output current adjustable range: 100A
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

J-Link V8+ ARM USB-JTAG Adapter Emulator

J-Link V8 provides a feature rich list of functions to simplify the
debugging process. All important functions which are used by
the SEGGER software are useable via the USB protocol.
J-Link ARM has many features:
USB 2.0 interface
Any ARM7/ARM9 core supported, including thumb mode
Automatic core recognition
Maximum JTAG speed 12 MHz
Download speed up to 720 Kbytes/second *
DCC speed up to 800 Kbytes/second *
No power supply required, powered through USB
Auto speed recognition
Support for adaptive clocking
All JTAG signals can be monitored, target voltage can be measured
Support for multiple devices
Fully plug and play compatible
A Standard 20-pin JTAG connector
Optional 14-pin JTAG adapter available
Wide target voltage range: 1.2V - 3.3V
Optional adapter for 5V targets available
J-Link V8+ ARM USB-JTAG Adapter Emulator
Measured with J-Link Rev.5, ARM7 @ 50 MHz, 12MHz JTAG speed.
What you may do
You may use the information contained in this document to add support for the wide
spread SEGGER J-Link ARM emulator and OEM versions in open source software.
What you are not allowed to do
You are not allowed to use the information in this document to
build J-Link clones
build J-Link compatible emulators.
Some JTAG-related commands need an IRpre and DevicePos parameter. These values
describe the position of a device in the scan chain and the shift count to reach that
The diagram below shows a scan chain configuration sample with 2 devices connected
to the JTAG port.
The IRPre value is the total number of bits in the instruction registers of the devices
before the DUT counted from nearest device to TDO. The position can usually be seen
in the schematic; the IR len can be found in the manual supplied by the manufacturers
of the other devices.
ARM7 and ARM9 have an IR len of four.
For systems with just a single device, IRPre is 0.
For an example using the IRpre value please refer to the paragraph Scan chain exam-
ple on page 15.
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

remote control code scanner coppier

Car key remote control Wireless Remote Key/Code Scanner Detect, receive, copy car remote control code scanner signals, then command the car as freely as the car's owner
Working frequency range: 315MHz
Remote Control Code Scanner
It receives the signal sent by the fixed code anti-theft system, save and copy the master’s remote control signal The effective distance is 500 metres. Save thirty remote control signals Decodability chip: PLC fake rolling code(5326), EV1527, PT2262, HT12E, HT601
(Scan/copy and save)receiption
1. Turn on the power. (Display: Remote control Decode the tool)
2. Press any key on the remote control receiver. (Display the
remote control password)
3. By the host of the fifth key to save the password, you can
save thirty yards, more than thirty, it will automatically flush the
code stored in the beginning.
4.when press the sixth key ,there is “*”,that means the device
refuse accept the signal.and press the sixth key again, “*”
disappear ,and the device can accept the signal again.
(use as a remote)transmit power
1. Press The first key and the second key together , display
Remote co01001
Decode the too S
2. Then Press the host key(the fifth key) to call the saved
password. What is the sequence you want to send out decided by
the times of you press the fifth button(select the password by
press the fifth buton times,if you want select the first
password ,you need press 1 time fifth button,and if you want
select second password ,you need press 2 tmes fifth button,etc..
3. And then press any key(first~fourth) to launches the password
you selected.
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Autologic Vehicle Diagnostics Tool For BMW

Welcome to my blog,today i will introduce a new OBD2 Scanner product:Autologic Vehicle Diagnostics Tool For BMW,now it is sold in our shop
1. Autologic BMW MINI is included as part of the Autologic BMW software package or can be provided as a stand alone BMW MINI software.
2. Coding Individualisation & Programming (CIP) Software - Autologic is unique by being the only aftermarket diagnostic tool to offer coding and programming in one
3. Providing independent garages with the MOST - Programming time can be reduced by up to 60%* using Autologic's Optical Interface compared to OBD II / J1962 connection
4. Retro Fitting components & conversions - Autologic delivers beyond dealer-level range of retrofitting and conversions.Country variant configuration - Autologic offers unparalleled configuring capabilities
Autologic Vehicle Diagnostics Tool
Autologic Vehicle Diagnostics Tool
Autologic Vehicle Diagnostics Tool
Autologic BMW gives independent garages the confidence to undertake any service and repair work required and enables independent garages to specialise without having to involve the dealer or call in outside help.
Autologic BMW is a genuine alternative to 'GT1', 'SSS', and 'ISIS', often providing quicker diagnostics, coding and programming than other BMW diagnostic tools.Additional features of Autologic BMW over other diagnostic tools include fitting aftermarket components and an increased number of retrofits.

Autologic BMW is easy to navigate. Information is displayed on a large touch-sensitive screen through a simple menu structure, supported by extensive help screens.

1. This One is Copy. It Can Not Be Updated.
2. Multiplexer Can Not Be Dismantled. Otherwise, It Will Be Not Under Warranty

Autologic BMW covers vehicles from 1986 onwards
Autologic BMW Mini covers vehicles from 2001 onwards
Full details on Autologic BMW and BMW MINI diagnostic capabilities are provided in the pdf documents
The Autologic diagnostic tool for BMW vehicles is without doubt the most comprehensive tool to be made available to independent BMW specialists.
Autologic BMW is unique in offering full fault code read and re-set, full component activation, electronic control unit procedures, clearing and setting of adaptation values, full coverage of (ECU) control units coding, full programming capability including engine control modules and transmission control modules, adjustment of engine idle, real-time reading of all dynamic data, procedure for engine and immobiliser alignment, procedure for trial substitution of control units and procedure for the fitting of BMW accessories. Car/Key Memory Function for personalising vehicle.
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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Newest CANDI Interface For GM TECH2 OBDII Tool

To obtain assistance with a question or problem concerning the operation of your Techline product and its attached products, or to arrange for warranty and non-warranty repairs,

telephone the GM-Techline Customer Support Center. To order replacement parts, contact GM Dealer Equipment or your customer support representative for GM-Techline.
The GM Service and Parts Operations Techline Customer Support Center telephone lines operate from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) Monday to Friday.
An industry change in protocol from OBD II to Controller Area Network (CAN) has begun. In order to perform diagnosis on a vehicle that uses the CAN interface, you will need the

Tech 2 Flash and a CAN diagnostic interface module.
While the Tech 2 is a powerful tool, it cannot replace knowledge and skill. To obtain maximum benefit from the Tech 2, service technicians must have a complete understanding of vehicle systems.
When using the Tech 2 to diagnose a vehicle, it is recommended that service technicians also refer to the Disclaimer
The CANDI module connects between the Tech 2 Flash’s diagnostic link cable and the OBD adapter. Once the CANDI module is connected, it can be used on all GM vehicle
applications, even those vehicles using other platforms such as OBD I and OBD II.Includes the CAN diagnostic interface module and instruction sheet.GM vehicles utilize the CAN interface list
05 Buick Allure (3.6L)
05 Buick LaCrosse (3.6L)
05 Buick Rainier (5.3L)
04-05 Buick Rendezvous (3.6L)
04-05 Cadillac CTS (3.6L)
04-05 Cadillac SRX (3.6L / 4.6L)
04-05 Cadillac XLR (4.6L)
05 Cadillac STS (3.6L / 4.6L)
05 Chevrolet Cobalt (2.2L)
05 Chevrolet Corvette (6.0L)
05 Chevrolet Equinox (3.4L)
05 Chevrolet TrailBlazer (5.3L)
05 Chevrolet SSR (6.0L)
04 Chevrolet Malibu (Body/Chassis only)
05 Chevrolet Malibu (3.5L)
05 GMC Envoy (5.3L)
05 Pontiac G6 (3.5L)
05 Pontiac GTO (6.0L)
05 Pontiac Pursuit (2.2L)
03-05 Saturn ION (2.2L)
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Friday, February 7, 2014

How to install VAS 5054A,VAS 5054A V19 Bluetooth setup instruction

The VAS 5054A is a universal diagnostic interface for the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group and all OBD vehicle systems from other manufacturers.
The integrated Bluetooth interface connects the vehicle with a notebook, desktop PC or test system.
Install the Vas 5054A that the Computer System Requirements:
1) Language: English
2) Windows XP(xp2/xp3)
3) System C:// have to be NTFS format
4) C:// need to have at least 5GB space for installing VAS 5054A V19
VAS 5054A V19 setup steps
step 1: put 5054a-basis CD into computer, then select“setupstart”
Step 2: Enter VAS5054A installation interface,select“INSTALL”
Step 3: click “Accept”
Step 4: click “START”
Step 5: installing software, please wait patiently
Step 6: end software installation, click “FINISH”
Step 7: Click “EXIT”
Step 8: Open C:// and Click “VAS_19_Active” to install java.
Step 9: Finish installing Java
Step 10: click “VAG VAS-PC Hotfix for Version 19.00 HotFix Tool”
Step 11: Installation Successful, click “Finish”
Step 12: Download and install “Adobe Reader 7.0.9”
Step 13: Now restart computer (have to restart), to save VAS5054A installation settings.
Step 14: after restart computer, connect VAS5054A to car and with computer, then start to install driver.
Step 15: Driver installation finish
Step 16: open “VAS-PC” on your computer desktop,when the dialog box named “Warning” open, click “ok”
Step 17: Now enter VAS5054A V19 software, begin to set “administration”
Step 18: Click “Enter Workshop Code”
Step 19: Importer Number consists of three digits Dealership Number consists of five digits The third group code consists of two lines, no more than 60 characters After finish setup “administration”, exit it, you will see operation menu.
Step 20: Click “Vehicle self-diagnosis”
Step 21: Click “On Board Diagnosis OBD”
Step 22: enter vehicle “VIN”
Step 23: Now you are able to check all Vehicle Systems.Click any Control Unit you want to check.
Step 24: begin to update Audi data, firstly insert Audi CD, and click “administration”
Step 25: click “Install/Update CD”, then click “OK” Note: use the same way to update VW data
Step 26: after update the data of VW and Audi, you will see their LOGO as following shows. Now you are able to use Guide Function.
Step 27: Set Bluetooth Device Firstly put Bluetooth Device into computer USB port,then the right corner of computer desktop will appear“Found New Hardware”.
Step 28: double click the Bluetooth Icon at the right corner of your computer desktop. Then a dialog box appears as follows, then click “Add”.
Step 29: follow the suggestion, click “Next”
Step 30: After search the Bluetooth Device, we select“VAS5054” and click “Next”
Step 31: choose “Use the passkey found in the manual”and enter Bluetooth password, finally click “Next”
Step 32: Adding Bluetooth, please wait….
Step 33: Adding Bluetooth successfully, Outgoing COM port must be com4
Step 34: Bluetooth Device can work well, click “OK” to close this window
Step 35: go to computer desktop to open “EDIC”
Step 36: Click “Add EDIC”
Step 37: Select EDIC to install, choose “VAS5054”
Step 38: when “Warning” window display, click “OK”
Step 39: in the window named “Dialog”, choose COM Port as COM4, then click “OK.
Step 40: Complete setting, click “OK” to close this window.
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