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New diagnostic product:Nissan Consult 4 For Nissan Infiniti And Newest Renault

New diagnostic product:Nissan Consult 4 For Nissan Infiniti And Newest Renault
Nissan Consult 4 Description:
Nissan Consult 4 supports all Nissan and Infiniti vehicles from 1996 to Now. And now Nissan Consult 4 support GTR car diagnose.But it needs customers has GTR card.Please pay attention on it.
Nissan Consult 4
Please attention, this product do not have Renault software. If customer have Renault software,then it can used on Renault cars also.
Nissan Consult 4 Function:
1.Diagnostic efficiency and accurate repair Enhanced diagnosis function to CAN network system
2.Downloading of reprogramming data
3.Integration of the VR (Vehicle data recorder) function into VI unit
4.Enhancement of diagnosis capability for future systems
5.Wireless communication (between Nissan Consult-4 and VI/MI units)
6.Big screen display – much more information can be displayed on one screen

Nissan Consult 4
Language: 11 kinds of language: English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified), Russia.
Car year: 1996-2009,parts 2010
Car models: All Nissan, Infinit, Renault. for GTR, needs GTR card, for Renault, it needs Renault software
function: Diagnostic efficiency and accurate repair, Downloading of reprogramming data, and so on.
How to use Nissan Consult 4?
you can visit to download the documents.
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