Sunday, September 1, 2013

IOBD2 VW Diagnostic Tool For Android Instruction

IOBD2 VW is a new car diagnostic tool product that designed for VW series cars.It can connect with android devices via can diagnostic all the electronic control systems of VW series cars. About its function,iOBD2 VW can do Oil Reset, Oxygen Sensor Test and Reset, Read Mileage etc. It is compliant with both OBDII and EOBD. iOBD2 reads therecordingdata by the client software on the smart phone. When the car is driving, it collects the data of all systems and displays them by charts or graphics. The data can also be shared to Facebook and Twitter.
1. Expert Diagnosis: Diagnose all the electronic control systems of VW series cars.
01- Views vehicle information

02- Reads trouble codes stored in engine and shows detailed trouble codes information.

03- Clears trouble codes

04- Reads all running parameters related to ECU system
2. Reset Service

[Oil service light reset] After changing the oil of the car, reset the oil service light.
[VW cars oxygen sensor maintenance and reset] After the car running a certain number of miles,the dashboard will display a warning to maintain or replace the oxygen sensor/EGR valve. Reset the oxygen sensor/EGR valve service light after replacing the oxygen sensor/EGR valve.
[Odometer] Reads mileages.
3. History

This function is to store and review the saved diagnostic data of the tested cars, such as live data, freeze frame data and my dashboard data.

4. One Click To Roll Up Windows

[One click to roll up windows] When the car turns off, close all doors(including the engine hood and trunk lids). Then press [One click to roll up windows] and it will automatically rolls up the windows that are not well closed, protecting the car fromrain orstealing.

Note: At present, this function is only available on car models as Volkswagen Magotan. More car models will be covered in near future. Please pay attention to the notice on the iOBD2 VW official website.
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