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Paint maintenance, choose waxing, sealing glaze or coating it?

We chatted about the car's paint care, waxing, sealing glaze, coating, etc. These now common paint can tell some beauty items. But exactly what is the difference between them? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Many owners in the selection must also be confused. I will introduce today.
    distinction between product composition and role of
    Waxing: A beauty means earlier onset, the main ingredients derived from petroleum wax, hand feels is not smooth and even feel some tingling, and stick in your hand there will be some oily feeling. Waxing can remove dirt paint surface, and increase the brightness.
    Sealing glaze: The main components of the glaze, also from the oil through a dedicated machine pressed into the glaze inside the paint, thereby forming a protective layer similar to the mesh, similar to the porcelain glaze layer and not understood by many people on. This play a protective layer to some extent isolated from ultraviolet light, isolated air oxidation, as well as reducing acid rain damage to the paint function.
    Coating: The main component of the membrane is a glass fiber material is known, specialized scientific name is called the all-silicon, nitrogen and hydrogen chloride, the operation when it is in liquid form, and can be cured to form a transparent protective layer on the paint surface , isolated from the outside world for the finish of the material damage, while protecting layer itself has a certain hardness, so the effect is more remarkable for the protection of some paint.
    difference on operating procedures
    Waxing process is relatively simple, clean paint can be operated. The more similar the glaze and seal coating process, if it is ahead of the need for polishing old vehicles (car without polishing), is relatively complex.
    Here it must be said that under Polish:
    Polishing with a polishing agent is abrasive particles with the help of polishing machine under friction with paint, remove the paint play dirt, polished smooth finish, polished surface refinement cross effect. Of course, the disadvantages are also obvious polishing is thinning the paint, a normal paint polish up about 6-10 times.
    Do keep in mind: car carrying sealed glaze or coating when not polished, good new transparent layer of paint is polished wasted in vain thickness. However, some older models due to the aging of the paint, polishing is necessary link.
    Waxing: First clean the body, and then the wax is applied to the rule of the paint, can be applied in the process of grinding away the remaining dirt particles of paint itself, the wax and then wiping with a dry cloth, the entire operation is completed.
    Closure glaze: sealing glaze and coating needs to be ahead of the car wash and polish (car without this step), polishing cream glaze after the completion of the machine via a dedicated internal hard pressed into the paint, repeatedly, making the glaze full access to the paint.
    Coating: the same as the sealed glaze, first, washing polishing, and then be subjected to degreasing treatment, the degreasing is called a polishing agent used in the polishing part of the paint remaining in the oily component was completely removed to ensure a good adsorption to the coating paint . After the completion of this part of the film evenly applied to a liquid paint surface, followed by high temperature dried, it will form a layer of transparent after drying and hard protective film.
    about the efficacy of maintaining time
    Waxing to maintain the shortest time, usually around a week or two, if you catch it rains or snows car wash, probably experience a becomes ineffective. Sealing and coating of glaze effects to maintain a little longer, sealing glaze can keep about six months, a good coating products can maintain 2-3 years.
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