Tuesday, March 26, 2013

FAQ of CKM200 Car Key Master

In this article, we mainly tell you how to get car key master CKM200 verify code?
When using CKM 200 Car Key, a dialog box appears, ask for a verify code.
It indicates you didn't connect internet. If you successfully connected with internet, the verify code will appear on the right.
But, I connect CKM200 with internet, why it doesn't work? try to click "see details" on the right of "verify code", do you see any code?
I got the following error messages:Make sure connect internet with CKM200 host, make sure select "connect CKM200 to internet", select "PC connect by manually"
I do as your instruction and it works.When you use the car key master CKM200 to make keys, if see the picture above, it means you need to caculate the password. There are two ways to solve this problem:
1. You can buy one ESL Database with 32G.
2. Once it asks you to caculate the password, please contact us, we will caculate the password for you.
Both PC and handset models for your choice.
Multi-functions ----Integrate functions such as key information reading, data calculating, key
writing, and is applicable to both old and new.
Easy operation ----Graphical workflow will make it easy for your operation.
Whats more, our Car Key Master can be operated via OBD socket, CAN or K line on many models without disassembly.
High security G3 platform ----Besides USB communication and online update, our G3 (the third generation) platform is especially featured by its high security: hardware anti-cracking and software anti-copying, adopting IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm) for registration, upgrade and payment.
Bran-new keys ----We will cooperate with German technology, and launch the bran-new keys for all the BMW and Mercedes Benz. At that time, you can get rid of the key shortage and no need to use any renovated second-hand keys.

For more information about Car Diagnostic Scanner , please visit obd2works. Obd2works is a China OBD2 supplier. If you have any question, please feel free to contract us.

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