Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Arrival Launch Creader VI

Like all OBD car diagnostic tools the CReader VI gives you the ability to read and clear engine fault codes (turning off that pesky check engine light in the dash).
Exact to say, Launch creader VI scanner is an update LAUNCH Diagnostic Tool . Before it is born, it has a success of predecessor. Launch Creader VI code reader is built upon the advantages of its predecessor and add more functions which make it more professional.
In a nutshell – by communicating with your vehicles ECU via the OBDII port the CReader VI gives you access to data from the various engine sensors so you can see if they are malfunctioning. As we will demonstrate in the video review at the bottom of this page this engine sensor data can be viewed in a couple of ways – as a simple table with numbers or (more excitingly) in a graph. This is perhaps the most exciting feature of the CReader 6 – when in ‘graph mode’ you can display up to four data streams simultaneously which is pretty cool and very useful for seeing how a sensor is performing over time, rather than just seeing what it is doing at that very moment like in ‘table mode’.
The ability to record and save sensor data for playback at a later date is also very interesting and would be great for catching intermittent faults. Without it, seeing what the sensors are doing when driving the vehicle is going to be a bit tricky if you are on your lonesome.
Another feature of the CReader VI is the freeze frame data area which gives you an idea of what the sensors were doing at the time a fault code was generated.
The Creader VI has a new ergonomic design with a full color QVGA LCD screen which can read the data clearer. The speed of reading live data and graphing is also improved. Expect these, Launch obd2 code reader can read and clear DTCs, test O2 sensor detection O2 sensor detection, on-board monitor and many other functions.
The language of Launch Creader VI Scanner is English, The detail specification of Creader VI including screen, operating current and storage temperature, you can see in There you also can find the supported car models list.

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