Saturday, June 8, 2013

Import Model Gallery: Erica Ocampo's 50 Hottest Photos on Instagram


Go ahead and oogle Erica Ocampo all you want with this gallery, but just keep one thing in mind, as you're flipping through the slides: She has a black belt in Kenpo karate, so, make sure you maintain your respect for women and their beauty. And that's not even mentioning her jacked pro surfer husband Warren Metcalfe. 
Twenty-five-year-old Ocampo, like many other models, lives in Los Angeles and has been in the modeling scene since she was 16. When she's not showing off for the camera or kicking somebody's ass, her creative side kicks in as a dancer, an actress, and a make-up artist, as well. Get to know another import model with Erica Ocampo's 50 Hottest Photos on Instagram.


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