Thursday, June 6, 2013

Maxidas DS708 Update Operation Instructions

first.Maxidas DS708 Update Main Usage
1. Upgrade with the programs which our company designate to get all the update files.
2. It allows to uninstall the softwares that SD card has already installed before.
second.Operation instructions
1. Uncompress the package to current folder.
2.Place the SD card into your computer. Copy and paste the “Scan”and”autorun.exe”
files under the root directory of SD card.
3.Run the program “manager-pc” on your PC according to the following promts on
your computer. There comes a program called “updateclient” , then run it. You can see
this interface (see Figure 2-1) as below.
4. Choose all the package files and click “Update” to download them. (Or choose
some according to your personal will.) They can be extracted automatically into your
SD card after being downloaded completely. Please no worry and kindly wait for that.
“Page up “and “Page down” allow you to view other options or information. If you
have more than one DS708 and SD card to upgrade, please “select disk” to choose different sd cards.
5.Uninstall Programs
Under the “Installed Programs”menu, it allows people to delete the vehicles files
which SD card installed before.
6.”User Info” has the function to modify the login password. But it is disabled
currently until the system is completed
7.The website information and software version can be checked under the “Option”
menu. It also allows people to find a path of the temporary directory to download

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