Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Automotive diagnostic technology" Questions

1, what car trouble? Common car trouble classifications are those? What car trouble:
Device or system in use there can not meet the required performance or loss of an accident execute a predetermined function of the state. (A) shows the situation by Category: functional failures, failure warning
(2) the process used by automotive urgency of failure Category: progressive failure, sudden failure
(3) Press the automotive manufacturing sector assessment of the reliability of fault: Fatal failure, serious trouble, the general failure, minor fault (4) Classification according to the degree the cause: human error, natural fault
2, what is the law of car trouble? What are its causes?
Cars failure rate can characterize the degree of car failure, that after traveling to a certain mileage failures per unit time and the number of cars traveling to the mileage of the car has not failed the percentage value is called driving to the mileage instantaneous failure rate, used to be called car failure rate.
Early failure period: the early use of a new car or a large vehicle, but also the run-in period, a high failure rate of accidental failure: the failure rate is closer to a constant, known as the effective working of
Depletion failure period: As each component wear, corrosion, fatigue and meet or exceed the use limits, resulting in failure to increase
3, the characteristics of human error
Due to automotive design, manufacturing, maintenance, human factors in the process of
4, car trouble symptoms (1) Condition mutation (2) sound anomalies (3) overheating (4) leakage
(5) smoke color is not normal (6) control or earthquake shaking (7) Fuel consumption Exception (8) with special smell (9) Auto abnormal appearance
5, artificial empirical diagnostic method features: (1) does not require any equipment or any other condition, in any situation can be carried out (2) only qualitative analysis of fault diagnosis method: Q, see, hear, smell, touch , try
6, the starter can drive the engine is running but can not launch the diagnostic steps
7, ignition system fault diagnosis of the general principles
(A) to determine the high-pressure circuit fault: Turn the ignition switch, turn the crank, reprint Liu Biao dynamic normal, but high points FireWire
No spark or spark is not strong and has launched the signs
(2) low-voltage circuit fault to determine: Medina, then switch ON, turn the crank, ammeter dynamic is not normal, that means ammeter
Needle stop at "0" or 3-5A or 10A does not move over a large current discharge
(3) high-voltage circuits integrated fault to determine: ammeter dynamic normal, high-voltage ignition spark is very weak pull out in time
Central high-voltage flashover tests showed strong weak fire in the high pressure circuit malfunction, fire weakly indicates fault in low-voltage circuits

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