Wednesday, February 12, 2014

remote control code scanner coppier

Car key remote control Wireless Remote Key/Code Scanner Detect, receive, copy car remote control code scanner signals, then command the car as freely as the car's owner
Working frequency range: 315MHz
Remote Control Code Scanner
It receives the signal sent by the fixed code anti-theft system, save and copy the master’s remote control signal The effective distance is 500 metres. Save thirty remote control signals Decodability chip: PLC fake rolling code(5326), EV1527, PT2262, HT12E, HT601
(Scan/copy and save)receiption
1. Turn on the power. (Display: Remote control Decode the tool)
2. Press any key on the remote control receiver. (Display the
remote control password)
3. By the host of the fifth key to save the password, you can
save thirty yards, more than thirty, it will automatically flush the
code stored in the beginning.
4.when press the sixth key ,there is “*”,that means the device
refuse accept the signal.and press the sixth key again, “*”
disappear ,and the device can accept the signal again.
(use as a remote)transmit power
1. Press The first key and the second key together , display
Remote co01001
Decode the too S
2. Then Press the host key(the fifth key) to call the saved
password. What is the sequence you want to send out decided by
the times of you press the fifth button(select the password by
press the fifth buton times,if you want select the first
password ,you need press 1 time fifth button,and if you want
select second password ,you need press 2 tmes fifth button,etc..
3. And then press any key(first~fourth) to launches the password
you selected.
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