Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Auto Sensor Signal Simulation Tool MST-9000

MST9000 AUTO SIGNAL operation steps
1, Click the button “F1”
2, Based on the ECU Terminal diagram of the related car models, accordingly connect the fuel injector driving signal to MST-9000 INJ1—INJ6;
3, Connect ECU ignition driver signal to the IG1-IG6 of MST-9000;
4, Connect ECU oil pump relay signal, power line, wire to MST-9000 FPR/+B/GND.
5, Connect MST-9000 crankshaft and camshaft signal CH1-CH6 to ECU crankshaft and camshaft signal;
6, Edit the ECU crankshaft signal by special waveform software, and write the data by USB interface.
7, Click the button “READ”, and then click the “out”, the complete crankshaft signal will put out via CH1-CH6.
8, Click the button “RUN”, and then the power source terminal +B output 12v power, now the CUP starts to work.
How to set crankshaft signal?
Find out the phase diagram of ECU crankshaft and camshaft signal.
Attention: the phase diagram of crankshaft signal and camshaft must be a whole working cycle WAVEFORM, as the above showing:
Phase diagram analysis:
1, The camshaft signal starting point of engine one working cycle
2, The camshaft signal end point of engine one working cycle
B, Edit the Waveform in the waveform software as the above picture shows.
Notes: CH1/CH2 is Hall sensor signal output, CH3\CH4\CH5 is magneto electric sensor signal output
2, after waveform edition ends, in the “end phase” dialogue you need to enter a crankshaft signal value after a working cycle of engine.
Note: this data is generated based on the crankshaft signal located “Phase” value when it ends
C. Finally, write waveform into MST-9000 by USB data cable.
MST-9000 driver fuel injector connection method:
MST-9000 Driver Idle Control Valve connection method:

MST-9000 driver pressure control valve connection method:
MST-9000 driver 4-line Step Motor connection method:
MST-9000 driver 6-line Step Motor connection method:
MST-9000 driver Km Table (Hall sensor):
MST-9000 driver Km Table (magneto electric sensor):
MST-9000 independently output 6-channel electromagnetic actuator simulation, they are compatible with ABS control solenoids, automatic transmission shift solenoid valve, hydraulic adjustment solenoid valve, fuel injectors, ignition coils, carbon canister clearance solenoid valve, A \ C relays, fans and electrical appliances, and electromagnetic actuator simulation

MST-9000 analog temperature sensor, throttle position sensor, air flow meter, intake air pressure sensor, oxygen sensor and the connection method to connect with ECU.

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