Thursday, March 27, 2014

About The Functions Of The D900 Scanner

After you connect the D900 with the vehicle successfully,there will show the main menu which includes the functions of the D900,and they are "Read DTCs","Erase DTCs","Live Data","Freeze Frame","MIL Status","I/M Readiness" and "Vehicle Info".In this article.let's know more details about the first two functions.
First,the function of "Read DTCs".Click the button of "Read DTCs",there will show the diagnostic trouble codes from the computer of the vehicle.The diagnostic trouble codes it shows not only include the trouble code,the number,count and define of the trouble code,but also theG/E icon,which means the generic DTC/Enhanced DTC, and the PENDING icon which indicates the DTC is a pending code.|
Of course,it will only display the trouble codes when there has codes present in the computer memory of the vehicle.And if not,there will show "No DTCs are presently stored in the vehicle's computer".The D900 can retrieve and store up to 30 codes in memory for immediate or later viewing.
Second, "Erase DTCs". If it is used to erase DTCs from the vehicle's on-board computer,the data of "Freeze Frame" and the manufacturer-specific enhanced data will be erased too.So if you are going to repair your vehicle in a garage,then don't erase the codes from the vehicle's computer,or the valuable information will lost.
The steps of erasing DTCs from the computer's memory:
Click the "Erase DTCs" on the main menu,there will show an ask "Erasing clears all DTCs,Freeze Frame Data and resets IM monitirs.Are you sure?".If you want to do this,just press the "ENTER" and then it will erase DTCs from the vehicle's computer.(If not,press "ESC" to exit.)Then there will display a progress screen while the function is working.If all the procedures are smoothly,there will display "Erase is successful",but if there shows "Erase has Failed!" then you should verify that if the D900 has been connected to the vehicle's DTC properly and if the ignition is ON,then repeat the steps we mentioned above.

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