Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Installation Instructions Of The 5054A

Insert the 5054A-base CD and click the "steupstart" icon,there will show some windows one by one,you just need to click "INSTALL"->"ACCEPT"->"START", the progressing bar will show the process of the software installation.when there pop out the window of "End of successful VAS-PC Installation,press "FINISH" and then choose "EXIT" .
Next,you need to install the Java,click the "JavaSetup6" icon and install it.Then click the "VAG VAS-PC HotFix" icon and finish the installation.
Then,download the adobe reader 7.0 and install it.After that,restart your computer to save the installation settings.When the computer restart,connect the 5054A to the computer and install the driver.Then turn on the computer desktop,VAS-PC ,choose "OK"
Now you can start to set the options and click "Administration" first.choose the "Enter workshop code" in the list of "Select function".The first group code is the 3 digital,the second group code is the 5 digit and the third group code is 2 lines no more than 60 characters.After you finish the setting,go back to the management interface and select "Vehicle Self-Diagnosis",then the "On Board Diagnostic(OBD)", write the vehicle identification Number down,click "OK".After all these steps,you can see all the systems of the vehicles,you can choose what you want to check the control unit.

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