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Automotive electronic systems explain how to improve vehicle safety?

Automotive technical content and the number of electronic devices is an important symbol to measure the performance of the car . As people of comfort, security , entertainment and economy driven increasingly demanding requirements , making the car electronic systems become more complex , the number of car electronics is also increasing. ABS, electronic ignition systems, air bag protection and reversing radar , and many other features are now being used as a standard configuration, but this is not enough , because people are more precise control of the car and did not stop the pursuit of entertainment .
    Power transmission and safety control
    Currently, all manufacturers are actively working to intelligent vehicle systems - X-by-wire ( drive -by-wire ) direction. This technique can be steering, braking , suspension and other independent systems integrated together, to be regulated by the central processor to improve handling and vehicle safety while reducing the use of hydraulic pumps and other mechanical parts. Currently, some European models have begun to use electronic power steering and brake -by-wire system .
    But automotive OEM must let the public believes to be reliable safety of X-by-wire . Automotive environment is so bad , and for all kinds of interference , ambient temperature , and power is so sensitive silicon, it is prone to error-free operation . Most users agree that the current automotive electronic power system is still very immature, far less mechanical drivetrain safe and reliable. There are some people who prefer driving pleasure even think electronic drivetrain makes people lose the opportunity to enjoy the driving pleasure .
    Increase awareness of safer driving requirements , prompting the automotive OEM to start planning from the perspective of system safety control system . So now the body is not just a simple safety control system reversing radar distance detection and airbag control , but added many new elements.
    Emerging intelligent vehicle control system through a variety of sensor devices informed environmental information around the vehicle , such as road barriers and corners early warning in order to allow the occupants to keep abreast of the environment around the car . More importantly, the vehicle control system to the vehicle itself, but also to collect information, such as tire pressure , etc., and can be adjusted by the power control system, the car remains stable driving state .
    In addition, various anti-collision sensor system which is in development . After the warning information obtained through sensors , the control system will immediately trigger the protection system , reducing the intensity of the occupants under attack . Further, the latest smart airbag control system can also be collected by the size of the impact force , the extent of gassing quickly adjust the airbag .
    Automotive Infotainment Systems
    With the concept of popular entertainment driving , the car increasingly powerful integrated multimedia features . Car audio car entertainment is not just as simple , continuous introduction of GPS navigation and positioning , wireless mobile communication, network data transmission and anti-theft security features, making the car gradually become a " mobile office " or " mobile home ." As the need for real-time transmission and processing large amounts of data , the status of telematics (Telematics) systems have become increasingly prominent . Market research firm Dataquest had expected , including hardware and services , including the Telematics market will grow from $ 3.6 billion in 2000 to $ 27 billion in 2005 , a compound annual growth rate of 50 %. Thus , communications systems , computer systems and consumer electronics manufacturers have the car as the next potential growth markets.
    Moreover, the emergence of new business models will certainly Telematics as a carrier . For example , IBM Corporation for the car manufacturers , car rental companies and insurance companies launched eDevice is through the company's automotive customers framework for Telematics and open standards such as Java and OSGi application of wireless connectivity.
    Remote vehicle diagnosis system
    In addition, the complexity of automotive electronic systems display signal condition makes the car more and more information , ordinary car users may know what failure would show flawless . Remote vehicle diagnosis system (RVDS) came into being.
    In fact , the current remote vehicle diagnostic system is an extension of Telematics applications because it is mainly through wireless communication technology electronic control module (ECM) diagnostic trouble codes generated by the car manufacturer recently sent to the analysis center . Not only that, this car GPS system through the identity of the car's location and then send out together .
    However, the security issue is a major obstacle to the remote vehicle diagnostic system currently no scale applications. Car users worried packet information includes the identity and location of the car was intercepted by others , or be mastered Automotive OEM. Similarly, the automotive OEM and automotive be worried about the potential pitfalls of public understanding too .
    But once safe and secure, this business model should have a broad market space . For example , auto dealers can use the system to enhance service to users . Since the fault code can be automatically transmitted to the dealer , the service technician can immediately determine the severity of the problem , and direct contact with owners to arrange matters , or alert the user to potential mechanical problems. And in the future , automotive OEM can also use the system to understand the driving habits of car users to create more suitable for driving a car.
    Automotive Power Systems
    Electronics applications in automobiles increased , making the demand for electricity and power cars continue to increase , the existing 12V ​​power supply system has been inadequate. The 42V system due to superior 12V system has many features , has become the focus of the industry .
    But the difficulties encountered in the implementation of 42V systems is obvious . First, it requires the efforts of the automobile industry , automobile parts since most are designed for a 12V system , if no calibration or a PWM control circuit in the 42V can not work properly, measures must be taken to make them able to adapt to high voltage. Secondly , the power to allocate the entire automotive electronic systems also need to re- design and planning . Because the voltage increases require more voltage conversion devices and circuits , while the demand for protection circuit will increase , which will increase the complexity and difficulty of the entire power system design .
    In the transition period leading to 42V systems , major car manufacturers have opted 14/42V dual voltage systems. At least for now it seems , 12V system performance seems more than five years ago has been extended forecast , there is no clear indication that when 12V high power applications will come to an end , when 42V applications will begin to be widely accepted.
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