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Mazda Volkswagen Golf contrast ups Angkesaila

car 's owners manual contrast topic when I want to do this several times to overthrow , because everyone will say one that models : Edit your wash sleep , but also with than you ? But the fact is that right ? Needless to say, Volkswagen Golf is the world's most classic and most successful of a vehicle in the country it also known as the " God of the car " ; while Angkesaila with attractive new design and technology to become popular attention models. One is the heartthrob , is a hot star , when the two play together would burst out what sparks ?
       Who designs to attract ?
       superobd skp-900

       Golf and positioning Angkesaila are the same for the young consumer market are valued , but the design is to take two routes , golf is "stable ," which is very popular in the face , but the appearance is Angkesaila killer , compared to the previous generation can be said to be subversive , to " move the soul " design philosophy is to create the foundation , highlighting sports personality.

       The new Golf has a larger size changes , wheelbase 2637mm, compared with the previous generation models , in addition to highly reduce the outside length and width increased by 56mm and 13mm, wheelbase than the previous generation models increased by 59mm, this is mainly reflected in the rear leg and horizontal space.
       And on Angkesaila wheelbase increased by 60mm, which is one of its strengths, in order to respond to competitors in the passenger space and increasing competitive pressures brought .

       Interior configuration Who is better ?
       Volkswagen gives the interior a feeling of the past is bland , all of a kind , there is no little vigor and life , people wanted to see tucao , but golf 7 or do some changes, though the shadow of the family or the public as a whole , but in some details of the design materials used are consistent continuation of the public superior materials and workmanship , a strong sense of the overall grade ; Mazda has consistently giving "There is no outside inside ," especially after the previous two words put Changan ... it made ​​me recall the time before the test drive CX-5 , compared to the appearance of the Seven Wonders of the interior really do some "simple " overdone , and some sloppy assembly process . The Angkesaila some upgrading in this respect , vehicle positioning reasons, color, designs are simple and based.

       Two configurations are comparable equipment , and take advantage of all models in its class . Golf in seven models, accounting for almost half of the comfort version , it would be the flagship model, Angkesaila more movement than the hatchback version of the sedan version of the positioning, positioning the sedan version is more interested in home use.
       Who better space power ?
       Golf front seats wrapped in relatively better , but there are a variety of options , depending on the configuration , the car uses a low with standard seat fabric lining , the use of leather fabric with comfortable seating , there are differences in the shape , or you pay for . Angkesaila partial motion to retain the shape of the seat family car comfort , but also pay more attention when driving supportive , but the space has always been the most disliked Mazda to " study " the front passenger space does some compact and manually adjust the entire department inexcusable , ah, I think people prefer manipulation do not like .
       The new Golf is equipped with three power configuration (1.6L and 1.4T, 1.4T high-power version ) although its high in terms of displacement 6 is consistent , but the two engines are new models (EA211), and the match is 6 engine speed manual / six -speed automatic transmission , 7-speed DSG gearbox.

       Angkesaila provides 1.5L and 2.0L two Chong Chi sky technology engines, 1.5L engine maximum power 117PS/6100rpm, maximum torque of 148N · m/3500rpm; 2.0L engine maximum power of 158PS/6400rpm, maximum torque of 202N · m/4000rpm. Engine matched with a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission. In addition the whole system also comes standard with i-stop idling stop system intelligent , this is indeed a very good configuration.
       One of the most controversial points of golf 7 , is its four- link independent rear suspension into a monolithic type torsion beam , this requirement for those consumers who really is not very happy , and always pay attention to the manipulation of the Mazda it will not compromise, so multi-link rear suspension structure remains .
       On purchasing power
       Golf 7 : Volkswagen models in fact no doubt by the introduction of market reaction , almost always touted by consumers , Golf 7 is a more a more progressive models , while maintaining " public" on the basis of improved equipment and technology , almost all aspects of performance are good, but the price still seems so "noble ."
       Angkesaila : new technologies and designs to Angkesaila Mazda injected energy , with personalized designs, Chong Chi blessing sky technology , chassis hidden heritage movement, while the sale price is lower than the price with a rich configured to seize the market will be Angkesaila the " battle plan " , but consumers buying account , will have to see after the listing performance.

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