Thursday, July 3, 2014

Automotive repair and maintenance in the seven tips you need to know

Car really easy for people to live, but also to many car owners do not understand the beauty and maintenance of the car felt very troublesome, it is not true, auto beauty and maintenance is a relatively time-consuming, if the owner is looking for a method for the election of a project can also be done a lazy owners, also allows the car to maintain a beautiful and good performance.
     1 car coated with protective paint replacement
     Waxing, sealing glaze paint protection is increasing emphasis on high-end car owners beauty items, often go waxing, sealing glaze is a waste of time, car wax coating is a gradual replacement of automotive beauty items sealing glaze, coating the paint can be completely sealed up, the hardness of the layer over the body of the paint film forming 3-8 times to ensure no paint oxidation, corrosion, avoid minor scratches. Automotive coating warranty time can reach 2-5 years, as long as the middle of the car wash owners can protect the paint. In addition, interior cleaning and disinfection three months to do it once, to the professional automotive beauty shop for interior cleaning, and coated with a protective polish to keep the new car to make the car feel.
     2 simple parts and replace themselves
     Wiper, these secondary replacement and checks are relatively simple, they want to buy their own online brand, and a simple check for and install it.
     3. Proper maintenance is done science
     Vehicle maintenance cycle refers to the time interval mileage or car maintenance. Periodic maintenance should be, not spoiled like a spoiled child, like your car, frequent maintenance, though not a bad thing, but there must be cyclical, to avoid excessive maintenance and cause internal discomfort. Early vehicles mainly normal maintenance, relatively low cost; certain number of years after the vehicles or certain mileage will enter the maintenance period, the cost is relatively higher. General Automotive car in good condition, may be appropriate to extend the maintenance cycle; while the car in poor condition or poor conditions of use should be appropriate to shorten the maintenance cycle.
     4 to a repair shop to replace the filter
     Should always pay attention to clean the filter on the car. Do not underestimate it, it has a direct impact on your car fuel consumption and so on. In the automotive internal combustion engine use, dust and other impurities mixed in the oil will continue while the combustion air and exhaust gas for the oxidation of the oil, the oil will gradually produce gum or sludge, which will not only accelerate the wear of parts, and the resulting oil is easy Road congestion. So to regularly clean the filter on the car.
     5 years just for once antifreeze
     When the weather turns cold, the cold air coming once temperatures plummet, it is likely to affect the normal work of automobile cooling systems. At this point in time we should let go of the tank water instead of antifreeze. If your car has been in use antifreeze, you need to replace immediately. Antifreeze replacement cycle is two years, the general antifreeze replacement cycle for 2 years to 3 years or 30,000 km - traveling 40,000 kilometers. After one year storage of some antifreeze, flocculent precipitate appears small, this phenomenon is probably due to precipitation of the additive, does not have to throw away. If a large number of particles precipitated, indicating that the antifreeze has changed, can no longer be used. We need to be reminded that, do not forget to clean the engine before replacing antifreeze.
     6. Imported tires are not necessarily the best choice
     Car in motion, actually handed over four tires. But buy various brands of imported tires, some people will inevitably enter misunderstanding purchase. For many consumers of psychological factors, prefer imported tires. In fact, the foreign launch of the new tires for domestic users, the price is not that high, but not necessarily apply.
     7 tires inflated to the proper
     Correct tire pressure is the most important safety checks a ring. Tire pressure is too low will cause abnormal wear or damage to the tire pressure inside the tire, the tire and the rim is too high are more susceptible to the impact of uneven pavement deformation, and even lead to a puncture. Tire pressure must be checked periodically, in addition to spare, the other at least two weeks to check the tire once the tire pressure check must be carried out in the case of cooling the tire, the tire pressure would otherwise increase the high temperature, the amount of allowed up . Also do not forget to regularly check the spare tire pressure is normal china obd2.
     Mastered these you can easily make your car in good condition.

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