Sunday, July 20, 2014

Car will "lose his temper" ,elaborate three kinds of maintenance methods

Now the car has become a necessity in our lives, we go out essential transport. But the car occasionally noisy little temper in life, some glitches in the owners simply are not aware of it. So today we will talk about the owners about vehicle maintenance and repair approach.
     Each owner will not guarantee their cars not a little wrong, when the car "angry" creeping some small problems when their owners should be how to do it? Here we've put together three of their owners automotive repair method a little restraint temper. Together we learn about it.
     Tires were slashed
     Car tires were slashed is what often happens in life, and car tires were slashed tend to occur very suddenly. So the owner to traffic safety experts recommended that owners of foreign mend afterwards to find a professional tire repair shop for the fill. After the internal and the need to disassemble the tire with a professional tool to disassemble the tire off the wheel to find the broken hole, using the dedicated hot vulcanizing machine heating up. Digiprog III V4.88 Odometer Programmer With Full Software New Release
     Fuel consumption surge
     Automotive fuel consumption problem is something the owners were very concerned that if the owners were in the car when the car's fuel consumption suddenly found a lot more than usual, then the description of the car itself is a problem. The reason for this generally leads to a rapid increase in fuel consumption may be due to slipping clutch, automobile engine tachometer motivation increased rapidly resulting in a surge in fuel consumption.
     Brake failure
     Brake failure is not a small thing, it relates to their owners small traffic safety, so owners who want to learn in life how to exclude brake failure, there are three methods of continuous brake pedal to see there is no air brake system. The second is the case of successive foot brake is not working is because of improved brake gap is too large. Third brake pedal, not weak unsinkable, but that poor braking effect, this phenomenon is the wheel brake failure.
     The usual small car can easily lead to failure when the car is moving to the owners at risk, so they should be timely for the owners of these small problems repaired. Assurance that their driving safety.
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