Friday, April 19, 2013

ADS-1S PC-Based Universal OBD2 Fault Code Diagnostic Scanne

The ADS-1 is a PC (notebook) platform cars car fault diagnosis system can detect the production models of the Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries. Support a variety of automotive communication mode, a full-line fault diagnostic apparatus
Compared with the traditional handset to our ADS-1S PC-based diagnostic tool advantages:
The many benefits of the PC platform
1 ADS-1S PC based diagnostic product development platform, you need to install via CD-ROM or download the software the way the system is implanted in the computer, software downloads, upgrades, registered convenient. Software compatibility is better, the computer’s configuration requirements are relatively low, notebooks, tablet PCs, notebook PCs can be installed.
(2) At least once a week to upgrade, ensure that the software in three to five minutes fast to upgrade to the latest version.
3 advantages of using computers to help you optimize your own personal resources, but also will greatly reduce the volume of testing instruments, so that the instrument is more convenient to carry and store.
4 can be borrowed through the remote network resources, etc. in a timely manner to help solve your any routine maintenance difficult problems encountered.
5 involving well-known traditional handheld hardware update and upgrade aging can lead to many problems in the future, probably 3-5 years and will need to purchase new equipment; ADS-1S PC based diagnostic tool can help you solve the investment cost. You can purchase the first time have the latest version of the durable equipment, which is really done, “a consumption, lifetime use” to ensure that reached once and for all practical effect. )
Product Feature:
Hardware is compatible with kinds of pc, both desktop and laptop.
Software is compatible with WIN98/2000/XP operating systems.
Can test various vehicles from Asian, European, American countries.
Supports a variety of automotive communication protocols including CAN bus.
On line automatic update service. Free for one year.
We update the software every week.
Two diagnostic ways: wireless and wired. Wireless distance can reach to 20 meters.
Data analysis supports full election and optional two modes.
Dynamic data supports recording and playing back function.
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