Friday, April 26, 2013

BDM100 EDC16 OBD NO.101 Bosch Probe

The probe is designed for standard Bosch EDC16 engine control units. This is 100% perfect fit with our position frame (see pictures). Each pin is gold plated spring also stored and are up to 1cm after. now the BDM100 EDC16 OBD NO.101 Bosch Probe price :$31.99

Bosch EDC16 engine management system is designed to be compatible as both a single and double control unit concept. The actual concept used depends on the number of cylinders in the engine.
BDM 100 Programmer is a universal reader that allows the user to read and program files in the ECU. After the security entries for the OBD2 programming get more and more difficult, a new possibility has come up for chip tuning of ECUs with Motorola MPC555 – 565.
Currently EDC16 ECU is successfully tested at the BDM100. If you are going to connect the ECU with BDM100, the BDM100 ECD16 OBD Probe is needed. BDM100 frame is obd2 repair ECU chip tuning tool, work for standard Bosch EDC16 engine control units. And this BDM100 Bosch Probe is compatible with CMD BDM, Optican Dual BDM and Dimsport Pro555.
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