Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Original GM Mini MDI diagnostic tester GM the 3th generations of diagnostic instrumen

MDI auto diagnostic instrument is the ETAS for GM are equipped with multi-channel transmission system GMLINE (4) new cars to provide electronic fault diagnosis and maintenance programming special maintenance equipment, the system should be used with a PC. Testing only a part of GM's new models at present, old models still need TECH2 for testing. MDI car diagnostic instrument for all GM programming models, and the programming speed is greatly improved than TECH - 2.
MDI car diagnostic instrument application features:
With USB connections, wireless connections (WLAN), Ethernet cable to connect three kinds of connection mode;
Which can realize a computer installed more than two MDI;
Powerful TIS2 WEB remote server support, online download data with upgrade software programming;
Diagnostic data can be stored on personal computers, to facilitate making diagnostic data files;
Can be in any installed on personal computers running on Windows XP is used;
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General small MDI using J2534 standards, used to implement the ECU reprogramming. Only hardware tools.
Gm's mini MDI, initially only pass-thru programming function is introduced. It can perform pass-thru programming in since 1993 to the present and even future all models. General mini MDI all cars must be performed on the selected audit models in 2009. Diagnostic software for general motors announced on small MDI in the fourth quarter of 2008.

Diagnosis at the start, the GM MINI MDI and remote data record function. This function can record when road test data, similar to the Tech2 a snapshot of the function. A trigger switch connector that is used to achieve this purpose. In accordance with the requirements, the programming procedure should be compliance with the SAE (the American association of motor vehicle engineer J2534 specify the agreement, GM SPS software according to the agreement, GM MINI MDI compliance applies to GM J2534 also part of the agreement.
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