Thursday, August 8, 2013

FAQ about Ford VCM

X-VCI Ford VCM For Car
1 Preparations before you start to install X-VCI Ford VCM
A. Advise you to use the specific computer for testing
B. Operating system: WINDOWS XP SP3
C. Disable antivirus software (Note: disable firewall of WINDOWS too)
D. If you need to install two sets of software (Ford-IDS and JLR) in one computer,
please install the JLR to C:\default path first and then install IDS to any other disk
(except for C:\). If you only need to install the DIS, you could install the software
to any disk path.
E. Please disconnect the Ford VCM device to computer before you install software. If
you have done that, please uninstall the USB driver in device manager and then
follow to install IDS software.
F. If your computer has been installed the software, please check the software version
before you connect the device with computer. If the current software version is
different from the one that comes with ford device, please use uninstall the current
version and install the software in device CD (Never use the ford device with lower
version software, or the device firmware will be damaged).
G. You’d better use the computer only for Ford VCM, not any other usage.
2 Notices during installation
A. Disconnect from internet
B. Click “Yes” if it pops up to install the components
3 Problems you may encounter during using
A. You should restart computer after you finish the software installation
B. If it pops up some error like failing to detect device after you connect the device to
car first time, you should check the device connection between car and computer,
whether the 5 LED indicators on device flash and the TDSNetConfig.exe file is in
startup status (In device manager service column).
C. If the device could not communication with car some day but it worked before,
please check your computer has no other software installed and the antivirus &
firewall are in disable status. Please uninstall the current software and then reinstall
IDS for diagnosis.
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