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Launch X431 GDS Scopbox

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Launch X431 GDS SensorBox
Vehicle sensor is a signal input device of automobile electronic control system, it
can convert the different parameters including vehicle speed, water temperature,
engine speed, air flow and throttle position, etc. into electronic signal and sent it
to the automobile computer, and the computer controls engine working in good
condition. Due to varieties sensors, it is not right to judge that only the sensor is
in trouble when something is wrong. It is necessary to judge the whole circuit and
the changes of working parameters and then to find whether the sensor is in
trouble. In the case,Launch X431 GDS SENSORBOX is designed to diagnose the
X431-SENSORBOX matching the X-431 automobile diagnostic computer is a
sensor test and simulation box. Its major function is to simulate and measure the
electronic signal. It is flexible and convenient to operate. Under the measuring
condition, the measured data and waveform can be recorded and the waveform
can be displayed again, which is helpful to analyze the malfunction and verify the
intermittent fault. Under the simulation condition, the user can simulate the signal
output of varieties sensors or simulate the output at will (hand-draw Wave
Emulate). Because there are standard waveforms for common used sensors
stored in the X431 GDS, it is convenient and simple to get the
simulation output (Predefined Wave Emulate).
The power supply of X431-SENSORBOX is from Vehicle Battery and the voltage
can be between 8 and 28V. Due to the inside isolated power, the user can
precisely measure different parameters in any condition without removing the
sensor from the vehicle. launch x431 gds can work between -5℃ and +50℃.
At the same time, it is convenient for the varieties sensors to connect and
measure with the varieties plugs.
As a general device, it is powerful, reliable and convenient of
X431-SENSORBOX to inspect and test the modern vehicle.
SENSORBOX has two main functions of vehicle multimeter function and signal
simulation function.
Vehicle Multimeter Function
Vehicle Multimeter function is used mainly to measure DC voltage, resistance
and pulse frequency and can record the whole measuring process by means of
waveform besides displaying all the measured values by means of digit.
X431-SENSORBOX can not work until the program is installed. Therefore, before
the X431-SENSORBOX is used at the first time, the program must be
downloaded and installed. The installing method is as same as the diagnostic
program updating method, Please refer to the program updating in the X-431
user´s manual to install it.
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