Monday, August 19, 2013

JMA TRS-5000 Cloning Tool For Sell

JMA TRS-5000
JMA TRS 5000 has its stand alone operation,requires no internet or PC connection.Developed with ease of use in mind. READ, COPY and you're done.
And it can Fixed code chips: TP01, TP03, TP04,TP05.
Phillips (crypto): TP09 , TP10, TP12, TP13, TP14,TP16
Texas 4C (fixed): TP02,TP07.
Texas 4D (crypto): TP06, TP19, TP20, TP21, TP26, TP27, TP28, TP29, TP30,TP31
It will also help you to identify many other encrypted transponders.
Now this product price is $146.99.
Electronic transponder tool designed to detect, read and clone transponder keys. Specifically designed for cloning Texas Instruments fixed code and crypto transponders and Phillips Crypted transponders on to JMA's proprietary TPX1, TPX2 glass tag transponders.

Power supply: 220V, 50 Hz, 9V C.C. 500mA
Display: Two-line display for easy reading.
Size and weight: 23 x 16.5 x 13 ; 610 gr.
Quality: FC,CE approved
For promotions,now JMA TRS-5000+ID46 Decoder Box ID 46 Copy Box price only $564.99
ID46 Decoder Box Description:

46 decoder box can copy all ID46 chip:
BMW 46 chip
ACURA 46 chips
Honda CRV FIT(NEW) Accord(2008) Civic 46 chips
Mazda haima 46 chips
Mitsubishi 46 chips
Buick GMC CRUZE 46 chip
New Chery tiggo A3 46 chips
Nissan QASHQAI Q35 46 chip
Brilliance 46 chip
Peugeot/Citroen 307 206 -46 chips
Triumph Senna 406 (2001year)
Picasso 46 chip
Suzuki swifts SX4 46 chip
Land Rover FREELANDER 46 chip
Geely dedicated 46 chip...
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