Thursday, June 5, 2014

Automotive after-market, business battleground

    For the concept of the car market, I need a brief introduction. Refers to the so-called auto market after vehicle sales around the course in a variety of automotive services, it covers all the services needed for the consumer to buy a car. Cars sold to scrap the process, use the links around the automotive aftermarket and service needs of the various successor will produce a series of transactions. It can not help many companies to generate new ideas: the automobile market to explore new profit growth point.
    Automobile market a range of content including automotive electronics, automotive entertainment, vehicle modification, car repair, car, car decoration, car maintenance, car rental, used car trading and so on. For automotive electronics, the automotive after market coverage is extremely extensive, in-car navigation, car diagnostics, electronic dog, tachograph, networking and other aspects of the car are the car manufacturers battleground. To pocketed market share, manufacturers began brains, technology and innovation in an ambitious exhibition. But with the increase in subscribers, people increasingly find "money" has been not so easy to earn it.
    OBD homogenization let car prices have to find a new breakthrough
    In addition to throwing unfavorable factors, the prospects of the automotive industry is very broad. Tencent released immediately Lobo led the box a "OBD" greeted the word "star effect" might indeed powerful, just a few day trade media hype began OBD how to, not knowing OBD as early as 20 years ago began its development process. 1994 American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) that "the car's self-diagnostic system standards", OBD will monitor vehicle emissions as the government came into being.
OBD (On-BoardDiagnostic) on-board diagnostic system to monitor operating conditions of the engine and exhaust after treatment system working state, once found the situation may cause excessive emissions, and will issue an alert immediately. When the system fails, the failure (MIL) or check engine light (CheckEngine) warning lights, while the OBD system fault information will be stored in the memory, by standard diagnostic instruments and diagnostic interface in the form of fault codes read the relevant information. Follow the prompts to fault codes, maintenance personnel can quickly and accurately determine the nature and location of the fault.

    Today, most companies just rely on OBD narrow understanding, the "Diagnostic vehicle fault" and the development of products, but the fact is that such products and services does not seem to be recognized by the owners. From the beginning of the program the first car was given a "safety first" property, the depot has been technically vehicle safety checks, and the subsequent repair services are pushed to the garages, testing often overlooked part . Operating conditions of the engine and exhaust diagnosis far less vigilant seat belts, airbags, tire to be more really something. So in the face of homogenization OBD market products, companies give more consideration to be transferred to another dimension where it is - life vehicles.
    LAUNCH: to build a platform of social life vehicles
    As OBD industry pioneer LAUNCH idea is to build the core of social life car platform, which golo born. Golo Lobo boxes seem similar on the surface, are used for fault detection to ensure safe driving, and are made for the car owners living services. From which we can also see the introduction of OBD social property will be the future direction of development. Mr. Liu Zhengzhi LAUNCH president said in an interview with this reporter, said: Safety Comfort depot capable of many factors taken into consideration for the owners has been taken into account, followed by the application of OBD want more service for the owners, with today's technology conversion rate very low. Because most applications are useless, so it can not get a response owners. Not the OBD port as vehicle maintenance applications are likely to be a mistake. To this end LAUNCH invented golo for the owners to provide remote diagnostic services, so even with the car parked on the roadside for some reason, do not worry, repairman for the owners to provide online remote diagnostic service.
    Launch the OBD innovations have similar, they have slowly realized that only "diagnosis" has been unable to meet the growing needs of the owners driving. Today's automotive industry has become a pillar industry of the national economy, and real estate, consumer goods, jewelry and said the three mainstream economy. Visible, the car has come to people's lives in a pivotal role, car prices have not more than ten years ago, and that people can not touch, and now more and more families are choosing to buy a car as a means of transport. With the popularization of automobile development intensified, the owner of the car above the living experience will become the new consumer demand. "We need a community to accommodate a car and the people who had no car, a car people can discuss how to make car maintenance, where the scenery more attractive. Had no car and there are people who need to interact with the car up to eliminating the need for people to drive then spent the waiting time. "one golo user said in earnest.
    Speak louder than words, the future development of intelligent car certainly would like to, there may be unmanned, but what need to worry too much car exhaust emissions are exceeding it? "Car Life" car prices have not stirred up boo head, people do like to use smart phones in the hope that better use of the car up. Long way to go perhaps because we do not have to worry about car networking how to pass the boring time, you can achieve the same purpose vehicle wifi mobile Internet and the speed can not be underestimated; formed around the OBD automotive community repairman and the owner can communicate with the dialogue, both save repair costs and increase aftermarket knowledge; To be able to carpool to play, you can also communities inside the car, "shouted a few voice" make some like-minded people together enjoy the beautiful nature. Maybe this is the vehicle of life, which is based on the car as the carrier created a rich experience. No one can resist it, just follow the car life can be arbitrary swim under the new technology....

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