Monday, June 16, 2014

Delphi Release "plug and play" car networking solutions

Delphi ds150e Automotive Systems, Inc. today announced the launch of the Chinese market, its innovative, cloud-based Internet service new car: Delphi Connect. Following the successful listing in the United States, Delphi Connect upcoming breakthrough for the Chinese car owners' car to the cloud / cloud to the car, "the car interconnection services.
Users simply insert the Delphi Connect module board diagnostic (OBD) port, you can easily and quickly receives a lot of important information to the vehicle via smart phone or Delphi system sites, such as the health condition of the vehicle data, driving records, etc., but also can Driving distance setting boundaries, tracking vehicles. Delphi Connect can be used in 2003 and beyond, most of the models produced in China.
Delphi's chief technology officer, Jeffrey Owens said: "DelphiConnect remote control can help owners locate their vehicles anywhere, anytime tune to see it driving history can help owners keep track of the health status of the car, as if to bring a car. diagnostic technician with your peers. "
Owners simply inserted into the device-board diagnostic (OBD) port (the port is usually located under the steering column) of the vehicle, these features can be achieved. Delphi Connect provides a dedicated secure cloud server to store data, and allows the driver to access certain information on the vehicle. Users simply by smartphone mobile application (Android or Apple) or Delphi system Web site, you can enjoy many services provided by Delphi Connect, including:
Vehicle Health Alert: When the engine, security systems, such as vehicle exhaust system problems or problems hidden, DelphiConnect will automatically alert the owner via text message or e-mail.
Vehicle Tracking: real-time tracking of the vehicle, showing the location of the vehicle speed and direction to facilitate fleet management.
Vehicle Location: through the website or mobile phone owners, in any place, any time, to locate his car remote control, easy to find your car.
Driving History / driver log: Provides car travel summary.
Safe Driving Monitor: When someone driving your own vehicle, locate the position of the vehicle at any time. Vehicle owners can also set up a designated area (also known as electronic fence), when the car out of the electronic fence area, car owners will receive information across the fence.
Customer service management: the automotive aftermarket, the engineers can provide remote vehicle diagnostics through DelphiConnect, roadside assistance, repair and maintenance, vehicle health status monitoring and fault management services.
Customers can download and apply to Android 2.2 Apple iOS 5.0 or later Delphi applications and smart phones, can also be viewed through the Delphi system to monitor vehicle information website. Delphi Connect system website is compatible with multiple browsers, including Internet Explorer and older versions of the 7 IE browser, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Firefox browsers. Website run by Delphi system data is securely encrypted. Programmable features Delphi Delphi Connect will allow in the future and improve the quality of services and products.

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