Thursday, April 17, 2014

How To Configure Your MDI For Wireless Communication

Before you modify the GM MDI communications interface,you need to contact your local IT Administrator to know if your wireless LAN automatically assign IP addresses,if not,you need to obtain an IP Address and Subnet Mask from your local IT Administrator to assign to your MDI.It requires that the network authentication is WPA which presents "Personal,Open or Shared" and the data encryption should be TKIP or WEP(64-bit or 128-bit) and also the wireless security password is needed.
Click the "MDI_Manager" icon to start the MDI Manager,plug the USB cable into the PC and MDI,and power on the MDI by plugging in the AC 12-volt adapter,then select and connect to your MDI in the MDI Manager software MDI Explore tab,click the "Network Setup" and then the "Wirelss".

Choose the Enable Wireless Interface check box in the Interface Control box to enable the interface.Once you enable the interface,the IP Address Configuration box and the buttons of "Apply" and "Cancel" will be activated.Then If your LAN can assign IP addresses automatically,then select Obtain an IP address automatically.If not,you need to enter the assigned IP Address Static IP and Subnet Mask.After that,select "Access Point" to begin the wireless access point configuration.If the MDI is out of range or the access point you will use,select the "Enter Network Name[ssid]":radio button and type the network name.If the MDI is within the range of your wireless access point and broadcasting choose the "Select from available network list"radio button and then click "Refresh" to make the MDI search for wireless network signals,In the box of "Network Name",there will show the detected networks.Click the "Configure" after you selected the network.Enter the "Security Settings",click "Next" and click "Yes" to reconfigure your MDI.
When there shows "Do not unplug the MDI from the PC or remove power from the MDI during the update process",just click "OK" and do as what it says,or the Network Setting may not be applied to the MDI.During the update process,there will show you the "MDI Configuration in Process" and when the process is finished,there will show you "MDI interface changes complete" .
Last,select the "Properties" to confirm that the MDI is configured correctly.You can record or print your settings on the "Properties".

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