Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How To Install The Delphi DS150E

Before you start installing the Delphi DS150E,I need to remind you that the Release 3 Delphi DS150E software CD1 will load the DS150E diagnostic software and the software is configured for a standard size screen.Then let's see the installation steps.

First,you should insert the CD1 into the CD Rom drive,and then click the button of "Start" on the desktop,run and browse for the DS150E.exe file from the CD1 and click "OK" to continue the process.
Next,it will ask you to choose the language,just select the language you want in the list and click "OK";in the next window,you need to choose the product and the country and click the "Next".Then you should check the box of "I have read the system requirements" and click "Next",go on choose the "Next" in the following window.When there shows a window that asks you to choose the destination folder,just click "Browse" and find the folder where you want to put the software installation in and then click "Install" and click "OK" when there has a window of "Note".Just click "Next" and then "Finish",the installation is ok.
After you install the Delphi DS150E software,you still need to install the Kensington bluetooth software.Insert the Kensington bluetooth software CD in to the computer's CD drive and the installation would be done automatically.

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