Monday, April 7, 2014

The Diagnostic Functions Of The C110 Creator

The creator C110 is an vehicle code reader tool,and its main functions are reading trouble codes, clearing trouble codes, reading datastream, the component testing, clearing adaption and reading the vehicle information. In this article,we'll share the diagnostic functions.

When there occurs the emission-related fault,the trouble codes would cause the control module to illuminate the malfunction indicator lamp.And users can do the function of reading trouble codes with the key on and the engine off or with the key on and the engine running.On the screen of the C100 creator,you can use the UP/DOWN buttons to choose the "Read Trouble Code" from the diagnostic menu and click "OK",and the C110 would communicate with the vehicle and read out the trouble codes.If the vehicle doesn't have a diagnostic trouble code,the code reader tool will display "No Trouble Code" and wait several seconds,it will return to the diagnostic menu.
The function of clearing trouble codes should be done with the key on and the engine off.On the diagnostic menu,there will have an option of "Clear Trouble Code",click it and it would be done automatically.When the trouble codes are cleared,the message of "Fault codes is erased" will displayed on the screen.When the trouble codes are not cleared,there will show a message of "Erase Failure.Turn Key On With Engine Off",then do as it says.
The function of "Read Datastream" can help users view the live or real time data of the vehicle's computer modules.The same,there has an option for users to choose this function on the diagnostic menu,just choose it to get more options.Users can use the button "Up/Down" to select datastream and use the button "Left/Right" for page up and page down. Users can enter the graph mode by clicking the button of "GRAPH".

The function of "Component Testing" can initiate component test for the vehicle.The C110 creator itself can not do the component test,but commands the control units to start the test.And the function of "Clear Adaptation" can clear the driver's driving habits that stored in the control module.
The last main function of "Information" is actually display the vechile's ECU information which includes software version, hardware version, diagnostic index, pro. date and part number ECT.The retrieved vehicle information will show on the screen of C110.

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