Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Battery Test Of The BST-760 Battery System Tester

After you set up the battery location,the battery charge state and the battery type,the BST-760 Battery System Tester will test every battery according to the selected system and rating.You can use the "UP/DOWN" button to select according to the actual system standard and rating marked on the battery,then input the correct test standard and rating and press "OK",the tool will begin to test and there will show a screen and about 3 seconds later,there will display the battery test result.
About the battery test result,it can be classified into five types,they are: "Good Battery","Good,Recharge","Replace","Bad Cell" and "Charge,Retest".

If the battery test result is "Good Battery",then it means the battery is on good condition,you can feel free to use it.Besides,I wanna share with you that the "SOH" means "state of health";the "SOC" means "state of charge".
If there shows you that the result is "Good,Recharge",then you should know that it means the battery is good but with low power,before you use it,you should remember to recharge it.
Then the result of "Replace" means that the battery is near to or already reached the end of its service life,you should replace it immediately,or there may meet potential hazard.
The fourth result is the "Bad Cell,Replace" which means that the battery has the condition of internal damage,broken cell or short circuit.,you should replace the battery.
When you see the battery test result is "Charge,Retest",you can know that the unstable battery should be recharged and retested to avoid error;After you recharge and retest the battery,if there still shows the same result, the battery is damaged,you need to replace it.
Last,if the battery test was done in the "OUT-OF-VEHICLE" mode,you just need to press "OK" to print the test result;If it was done in the "IN-VEHICLE" mode,press "OK" to enter the Cranking Test,then follow the instructions on the screen to start the engine and the BST-760 Battery System Tester will do the cranking test and show the result automatically.

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