Monday, April 21, 2014

U680 CarData Recorder

The U680 CarData recorder is always used to collect the engine data when it runs on the road,the data include engine ignition time, fuel adjust, rotate speed of the engine,and to read out the trouble codes.After the data has been responded from the clients' terminal,the recorder can record the change of the data that flow in scheme and picture 24-hourly.Users can import the data via internet,turn remote diagnosis into reality to gain the help from auto experts.And this U680 CarData recorder can support the vehicles with OBDII, EOBD and CAN protocol.

Next what I wanna share with you is about the installment.
First,run the "Cardata_Recorder.exe" directly and see "softinstall1.bmp", then choose the install route(you can see softinstall2.bmp).
Second,after you done this,please create a new folder and name it "Car data _Recorder"in the disk which you have just chosen(you can see softinstall0.bmp).
Third,after you installed the software successfully,you need to use the USB to connect Cardata_Recorder with the PC, you will be advised to do the following steps:
1. Find new hardware;
2. Install the driver (see driverinstall1.bmp, driverinstall2.bmp, driverinstall3.bmp,);
3. The driver has finished being installed and can run now.
The Cardata_Recorder software and driver have been installed now. And then the Cardata_Recorder client terminal software can work in Windows 2000, NT, ME, XP.
If the Cardata_Recorder client terminal software can not work, you should check and see if the Car Data Recorder does not match with some unidentified USB drivers (such as Printer).If it is, you can download the unidentified USB driver in advance.

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