Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to Use Your Digiprog III

After you get your digiprog III,what you need to figure out first is how to power it up.Remember you should use a regulated 12 volt power supply and once you use anything above 13.5 volts to power the digiprog III,it may cause the damage to the main circuit and then you have to send the machine to your digiprog dealer for repairment.Besides,when you connect it to a vehicle by OBD,remember don't use the cigar lighter lead,the digiprog III takes power from the vehicle.And after you power your machine up,there will show a window while it is loading and you can find your digiprog's status and software version,also there will show you the unique 12 digit electronic serial number.

After your digiprog III finishes the loading,there will show an information screen with a disclaimer regarding the use of the machine.Then press the tick button when you are OK.There will ask you for a password to be entered so you can use the machine.The default password is "1",but you can change it in the "SETUP".
After you get in the machine,there will show you the main menu screen,you can see "EEPROM", "CAR/TRUCK", "MOTORCYCLE", "SPECIAL FUNCTIONS" and "SETUP" in the "MAIN MENU",and then you can enter either one you want and get the according functions working with your vehicle.

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